Can we talk about how daunting applying lashes can be? I’ve said it before: I’m a big lash lover. But, baby if we’re being honest, the application process for falsies isn’t always the most enjoyable part of the face beat.

As someone who lashes frequently, I’ve luckily found my lash-applying groove. Still, despite my experience, there are days where putting on lashes is just more difficult than not. Without time on your hands, the right tools, and sometimes quality products, achieving a beautiful lash look may come with multiple do-overs, and glue everywhere.

Known for its award-winning Effortless Lash Collection, Velour Beauty just launched a new lash product to overcome our faux lash frustrations. That product is the Glue & Go Pen, a clear lash adhesive in the form of a pen, making it easier than ever to apply false lashes.

Like writing with a pen, Velour’s Glue & Go Pen is a practical and easy-to-use lash adhesive that dries in seconds. It’s mess-proof, fail-proof, and in my opinion, less intimidating than standard lash glues making it perfect for beginners. Formulated with plant-derived extracts, this lash adhesive is also designed to help soothe and nourish the lash line…what hasn’t the brand thought of? I love how this petite adhesive pen features a soft precision tip for effortless applications, as well as any needed (and discrete) touch-ups on-the-go.

How does the Glue & Go Pen adhesive compare to Velour’s original lash adhesive? Similarly to the beloved white Lash Adhesive, the Glue & Go Pen formula is latex-free, dermatologist-tested, and has a hold that stays in place for long wears. However, the Glue & Go Pen specifically contains those nourishing ingredients for the eyelid, and seems to dry a bit faster than the white Lash Adhesive, which makes it nice for quick applications. So, although in a different utensil, the non-toxic, strong-hold formula is not compromised.

To apply falsies using the Glue & Go Pen, first, shake the pen in a horizontal direction, and simply apply the adhesive pen directly to your natural lash line from the inner to outer corner. Then, using Velour’s Too Easy Lash Applicator, or your fingers, place the faux lash as close to your natural lash line as possible and adjust as necessary.

I found the Glue & Go Pen to be a great option for lash applications, without requiring the skill of knowing how to apply eyeliner. It’s also pretty forgiving for those with shaky hands. In the event that you need to reapply a lash strip or a lifting corner, I love that the adhesive does not get clumpy nor lose its stick when doing so. Velour Beauty never fails to create the most innovative and approachable lash products, so truly with Velour’s lash adhesives, it comes down to personal preference. For the most quick and user-friendly adhesive, I’d definitely recommend the Glue & Go Pen!

Along with the recent release of the Glue & Go Pen, Velour Beauty also debuted six new Plant Fibre Lashes and a Plant Fibre Lash Kit! The impressive plant-based lash collection has been one of my favorites, and the new styles are the perfect, natural and soft glam additions to the collection. Handmade with hemp-derived fibres, these multi-wear lashes are fluffy, subtle, lightweight, and come on a full-length, black cotton band for maximum comfort and easy trimming. Plus, the collection is Vegan, Cruelty-free, and the packaging is 100% recyclable. Butterfly Effect (pictured) is a criss-cross, fluttery wing-like lash that builds volume, length, and curl at the outer edges for a wispy gaze. And they blend with my natural lashes so beautifully!

To shop the Glue & Go Pen and Plant Fibre Lashes, visit The Glue & Go Pen will be available in-stores at Sephora starting September 8th, and in Ulta stores starting October 15th!