In celebration of Black Business Month, SHEEN Magazine is proud to shine a spotlight on Venessa James, a trailblazing entrepreneur who is transforming the real estate landscape and empowering minority communities in the Houston metropolitan area. Her boutique real estate company, the Platinum Experience Group brokered by Keller Williams Professionals, is on a mission to make the American Dream of homeownership a reality for all, regardless of systemic barriers or financial limitations.

With an aim to bridge the homeownership disparities prevalent among minority communities, Venessa James has pinpointed and addressed core financial challenges that have perpetuated generational poverty. Historical statistics reveal a troubling gap—lower homeownership rates among minority groups have exacerbated the wealth divide due to deeply-rooted systemic issues. Venessa’s response? Tailored solutions addressing critical aspects such as down payments, credit enhancement, and affordability.

“Our approach is about more than just selling homes. It’s about empowering clients with the financial tools and literacy needed to secure their future,” says Venessa. “We place a special emphasis on supporting minority groups who’ve been sidelined by historical financial imbalances. Our ultimate goal is to uplift, educate and empower others to build generational wealth.”

Venessa’s dedication to her clients and her community extends beyond business transactions. She envisions a future where minority businesses thrive, buoyed by technology innovations, community support, diversified ventures, robust institutional backing, market-driven solutions, and increased financial literacy. While recognizing the ongoing challenges like systemic obstacles and limited capital access, she believes in cultivating a comprehensive strategy for sustainable growth and wealth creation through strategic real estate acquisitions, development and investments.

Venessa’s passion originates from her personal journey through the intricate maze of homeownership. She recounts, “My personal challenges in acquiring a home resonated with the pain of countless others. It stirred a deep commitment in me to guide and empower others towards sustainable financial growth.” In today’s volatile economic landscape marked by inflation, soaring property prices, and fluctuating interest rates, Venessa’s determination remains unfazed. She continues to advocate for financial literacy and strategies that make homeownership accessible and beneficial for minority communities.

While Venessa’s dedication remains unshaken, she also faces hardships as a minority business owner. The surge in inflation, rising home prices, and increasing interest rates have significantly impacted home affordability. Despite these challenges, Venessa remains committed to fostering homeownership within minority communities and advocating for comprehensive solutions to ensure that the dream of owning a home remains attainable for all.

Venessa James is a shining example of the impactful work being done by black entrepreneurs during Black Business Month and beyond. As SHEEN Magazine applauds her efforts, we’re reminded of the importance of individuals like Venessa in creating positive change and opportunities for underrepresented communities.

To engage with Venessa James and the Platinum Experience Group, drop an email at or dial (281) 889-8292. Discover more about her initiatives, services, and commitment to democratizing homeownership by visiting her website at []

Photo Credits: Jo. Golden Photography