The past year and a half have been quite interesting. Because of the global pandemic, many of us have spent significant time alone, away from family and friends. It’s no surprise that many individuals are experiencing a sense of anxiety when it comes to the thought of getting back to normal times before COVID.

Verywell has a product that can assist wikioa. Recently, the company announced the launch of The Verywell Mind Mental Health Tracker, a monthly report that measures Americans’ stress, moods, and the mental health impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The first wave of results revealed that nearly twice as many young adults (Gen Z and Millennials) are stressed compared to Boomers (62% vs. 35%), particularly about jobs, finances, and re-entering the post-pandemic world. They also struggle more with feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and the potential stigma associated with seeking professional help. One can manage their mental help in private by utilizing the tracker which is groundbreaking. Click HERE to learn more.

Featured Image by Pexels/Alex Green