Inspiring, empowering, and game-changing; these are a few terms that describe the essence of Vheeworld foundation. A not-for-profit organization established in 2015, based in the heart of Ghana (Accra) striving to extend alms and aid to the vulnerable, within the general community. Founder and CEO Violet Lawson aims to establish and build a strong institution, that creates substantial awareness concerning the overlooked existence of those living on the streets. Vheeworld foundation intends to break the status quo, by filling the gap that many non- government organizations fail to do, that is, providing sufficient institutional visits to those living on the streets, as well as fully interacting with these people.

The company exhibits an all-round charitable culture, by taking steps to be an active participant rather than merely a spectator, Vheeworld does not simply provide monetary assistance, but they also offer bountiful emotional aid. In their own compelling way, the foundation sets out to positively impact the lives of each and every individual they come across.

“The Vheeworld foundation basically addresses issues on “STREETISM “ a word I coined myself, to educate and raise the awareness of the people living in the streets, some may call them homeless”..

To portray the organization as driven and dynamic would be an understatement! With spontaneous visits to several institutions including schools and juvenile correctional centers, Vheeworld’s actions very much denotes how much they yearn to promote change. The team encourages vulnerable individuals to take their education seriously, in conjunction with other options presented, such as work opportunities. This is a strategic yet preventive method, used to stop them from entering the cycle of homelessness.

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Although Vheeworld is considerably established, with a humble heart they are still able to admit that their foundation alone cannot support the enormous numbers. With the charity only able to do so much, support from other funded organizations is crucial. Merging in one accord would pave the way for the establishment of vocational institutions, whilst simultaneously training these individuals in the streets. Ultimately, this would slowly but surely reduce homelessness, as well as poverty rates.

“Honestly you’d be amazed by the number of people in the streets. Some due to no fault of theirs. And if they could turn their lives around and tell a different story, they would.”

One may ask, in what way has the foundation changed lives? It can be boldly declared that because of Vheeworld’s foundation, many people have been provided with great provisions, such as garments to wear, alongside sufficient food in their hands, for a lengthy period without having to struggle! Everyone needs some form of companionship and human interaction to make them feel cared for; this charitable program bestows exactly just that! It enables these individuals to interact with people from the outside world, in order to feel and experience what love truly means. The aspect of love is a pivotal factor that Vheeworld strives to exhibit throughout their daily activities, especially since their foundation is based on Christianity.

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Mission: To help minimize ‘streetism’ through touching the lives of the people in the streets and introducing them to Christ.
Vision: To create a shelter and make entrepreneurs out of the people in the street through Christ our Lord.

But as expected, every organization has challenges. Funding is a particular issue they are vigorously attempting to overcome, as they currently and solely solicit help from a somewhat small pool stream; being friends and family, which is simply not enough. Vheeworld very much yearns to improve the lives of the less privileged within society, both physically and emotionally, but cannot achieve this to its’ full potential until the wider community, and those worldwide offer assistance. A little goes a long way! Vheeworld would be extremely grateful and genuinely touched to receive help from anyone, in any capacity.

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