Are you a love magnet or are you blocking love from entering into your life?

Let’s just say the wrong attitude— no matter how you look—can send the vibrational energy of love hiding itself from you, especially if your energies to connect and open yourself up to another are off. What is it that you want? Why, when it comes to love, do you see yourself as more of a victim? If you have a laundry list of requirements for you to make yourself available to love another person, you are blocking love from entering into your life. This does not mean you do not desire the best that love has to offer. No, it just means you are making requirements the reason to fall in love with another human being. Far too many single individuals seek, or should I say chase after, love with their checklist in hand instead of giving the other person a chance and going from there.

Your long list of requirements is not a recipe for love. The moment you experience building a connection with another human being is mind blowing, sending fire crackers of being smitten throughout your mind and body. The energies of falling in love has its own mating dance, or should I say tune; and you either understand it or you do not. When you are out with someone, you are connecting, or you are not.  How attractive or successful they are to you or you to them cannot change that. There are just some things you do not tamper with, one of them is the vibrational energies of love. Every man and woman can experience love in their life if they know what they must do—how they must act, connect and respond. The reason why many do not experience true love has more to do with their vibrational energy than anything else.

Can You Ever Fall in Love?

Yes, but that depends on your way of thinking and willingness to have an open heart during the process of love flourishing in your life. If you see love as your enemy because you have never experienced a successful relationship and have always been dissatisfied, disappointed, and hurt by past relationships and partners, chances are you have developed an anti-love vibration that makes everything you do to find love difficult. Your body language tells someone you are interested, but your mouth and eyes say, “I will hurt you before you hurt me.” Change your thinking and approach, then try again.

How can I attract the vibrations of love into my life?

For starters, your emotions about love that are negative are showing themselves in your conversations. This has you vibrating on a low love frequency with anyone you want to get to know. If you do get a conversation started, chances are nothing will come of it because your low love frequency has you wrapped tightly. Every word out of your month sounds like you are looking for just a good time or one night stand. You are constantly sending a message that says “I won’t let you hurt me.” You will never attract the vibration of love into your life if you are angry, bitter, and resentful about past relationships. Most of all, this negative, low vibrational, self-defeating energy you operate in is no welcome mat for the vibrations of love. So, how do you change your low vibrating energy?

  1. Stop blaming yourself for failed past relationships. Once you have taken accountability for your role in the relationship not working out, move on and do better next time around.
  2. Make changes from within and allow others to genuinely get to know you. This does not mean put your heart on the chopping block with everyone you go out with. You should know if someone is truly interested in you or not. Pay attention to the conversation and be discerning.
  3. Know what it is you want in a partner. Once you identify that, everything else will work itself out. So, if you are looking for loyalty, someone to grow old with that listens to you and works with you to build a strong family structure, then that’s the target you aim for.. Nothing else should matter. Ask the right questions and give that person the opportunity to show you who they are.
  4. A person’s character should matter.. Not everyone will be on the same page as you, however, they may have the desire and drive as well as openness to you helping them improve certain areas in their life. If you see your partner as a blank canvas, imagine the masterpiece you both can create.
  5. Interest Matters. You rarely go wrong if you meet someone in a place where you love being. The more you have in common, the stronger connected you will be. So get out and do things that you love because you never know who you will meet that loves the same things as you.

You can have the love you want and attract the vibrational energy of love to act in your favor, but you must respect love and be willing to open your heart. If you are only chasing after the superficial things, you will not find love. If you are looking more for someone who dresses well or is financially stable than a person who has the common connections that keep you talking and interested in the next date or phone call, then you can kiss ever attracting the vibrations of love in your direction. No matter where you are in life be confident in yourself and allow the real you to be witty, funny, clumsy, serious, and deep thinking to draw in likeminded beings through the vibration of love. Who cares if your last relationship did not work out? The question is, did you learn anything that has improved you going forward? If the answer is yes, you are well on your way. The vibration of love just may be closer than you think. This time be ready!