AFROBALL 2023 was a dazzling display of African excellence and a source of pride for all those who contribute to the African diaspora. The event drew an impressive roster of talented entrepreneurs, artists, and philanthropists, all of whom walked the red carpet with enthusiasm and style. It was really a beautiful rainbow of African cultural threads representing the many tribes that represent original African heritage. 

One of the honorees, Chicago rapper Vic Mensa, spoke to us about the significance of the event. He expressed his admiration for the way AFROBALL placed a spotlight on African culture and emergence, highlighting the return of African excellence. 

“I think that the spark has ignited and that the attention and intentionality of the diaspora returning to Africa is different than it’s been,” Vic states. “It’s cyclical. This happened in the past in the 60’s, with things like FESTAC. We didn’t have social media then, so now everybody sees that we’re returning and we’re building structures. 10 years from now, the landscape is going to be completely different. There will be a lot of examples of collaboration between black people globally. Things like this will multiply, expand, grow, and rise.”

Jidenna, the “Classic Man,” was also in attendance. He described the movement as the bridge to greater black excellence, and praised the event for its celebration of the success and achievements of the African diaspora.

He states, “I think when we have a successful black nation, black people will walk with dignity in the hood. So that’s why I care about the bridge. This is the bridge! This is a black global highway. That’s what this means tonight. We’re working out the kinks. I’m proud of my generation. We did it. No political leaders, like we did this.”

Overall, the night was a celebration of African excellence, and it radiated positivity and love for the African diaspora. IIt was an opportunity to showcase the incredible talent, entrepreneurship, and artistry within the community. From the red carpet to the awards ceremony, AFROBALL 2023 was an unforgettable event that truly highlighted the best of the African diaspora.

Photo Credits: @felishacarrasco55