Nowadays, it’s more important now than ever to remember the importance of mental health. This is exactly why the Forte intimate, day-long retreat and wellness summit arrived in perfect timing. Taking place in downtown Los Angeles the event was presented by Meta Women in Music, a program designed to uplift and support women and femme-identifying artists within the music industry.

Sheen had the pleasure of attending, walking into a room full of so many beautiful, powerful women who have so many strides in the industry that they specialize in. There were all female DJs and little small-owned businesses, also owned by women.

In addition to the brunch, sound bath sessions, and massages, attendees were blessed with a panel conversation hosted by Danyel Smith and featuring Victoria Monét, Shanti Das & Tiffany Miranda. There were also pink headphones, that you were able to customize with whatever message you wanted. 

The brunch included plenty of healthy options such as veggies, pasta, and salad. As everyone in the crowd was enjoying their brunch Victoria Monet showed up to get the panel started along with other gurus within the music industry. 

Each woman talked about their path to success, and how their biggest setback was a lesson for them to learn that they always had to make themselves a priority. 

Too many times as women, we often put everyone first and forget ourselves. Victoria Monet explains what it was like moving away from home and having to prove herself in the music industry. She felt like she was finally able to appreciate all her hard work after earning a #1 record, but it took many sacrifices and time away from her family to achieve that. 

Many women on the panel talked about how they had to pay attention to their bodies and how it was reacting to all the stress that they were going through while making huge strides in their careers. The biggest takeaway is that they are worthy, and valuable in all of the work that they have done regardless if they were acknowledged or not. The biggest lesson however is that our mental health is the #1 priority. Because if that is not on point, everything else around us will not align.

Photo Credit: @JenJPhoto