What is it that binds thousands of occupations and millions of people? It is the desire to be the ace. In a world where everyone wants to be at the top, it is not easy to become number one. But the good thing is that it is not that difficult either. Vivian Carolina Sanchez, founder and CEO at the “The Lighting Studio,” has few insights for becoming the leader.

Sanchez started her journey as a civil engineer and worked on a lot of projects in Venezuela. She assumed many roles – civil engineer, cost consultant, project manager, and supervisor, amongst others. Even though her occupation was technical, Sanchez had a very strong affinity and inclination toward arts and crafts, and hence her projects often reflected flair.

Through her projects, she realized the need for better lighting solutions. A curious mind, Sanchez read, watched, and learned about lighting designs, and their applications in architecture, art, and construction. And that is when inspiration dawned.

Sensing a need, Vivian, along with her husband Gustavo Tello, founded ‘The Lighting Studio’ in Miami, a company focused on providing artful solutions for residential and commercial projects. With her keen eye for design and the team’s hard work and passion, The Lighting Studio quickly snowballed into a much sought-after venture, with happy clients all over the country, and a strong presence online and offline. With over 20 years of experience in the market, The Lighting Studio is now the leading name for lighting designs.

The success of Vivian Carolina Sanchez’s firm is a testament to what can be achieved with a clear vision, passion, and hard work. The position of leadership is not a destination, but an outcome, and this is true for all fields. Having dabbled in multiple areas, Sanchez identified and understood the common road to success – innovation, executed responsibly and cleverly. Her story is truly an inspiration, and her passion a catalyst. Whether it is art, design, engineering, science, music, or any other trade, Sanchez has proved that with the right lens, determination, and innovative ideas, the throne of leadership can be achieved in any chosen industry.