Wanda D. Hollis aka “The Motivational Queen,” is dedicated to helping everyone win in life and business. As a well-known motivational speaker, businesswoman, transformation coach, media personality, and author, Wanda’s reach extends far and wide. She is the founder and CEO of Walking Through the Storm, LLC, Atlanta’s premier lifestyle development and coaching company. She also recently partnered with 1044Pro and is now impacting the health and wellness industry with a revolutionary nutritional bar. What else does she have up her sleeve? Find out in this Sheen Magazine exclusive!

Who is Wanda D. Hollis? 

I am a spiritual being given an earthly assignment. I am the daughter of Jaqueline Patterson; may she rest in peace. I am the mother of two extraordinary children and the grandmother of six beautiful grandchildren. I am the eldest of two loving brothers. 

I am a certified business accountability coach, transformation speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team where I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and coaches formulate strategies to win in their endeavors. I specialize in showing clients how to maximize media to earn more money because I firmly believe that everyone in business needs a media outlet to showcase and brand their business.

 I am also the producer and host of the award-winning I Am Enough talk show, The Winning Evening News, and The Mastermind Experience Podcast, which is an outlet for my interviewees to gain maximum exposure. I am the CEO of Peak Estate and Investment Services and a 1044Pro Founding Brand Partner.  

I am an award-winning internationally published author of four books, a recorded spoken word artist, and a seasoned entrepreneur. I enjoy spending quality time with family and friends, writing poetry, traveling and meeting new people. My mission in life is to live in the spirit of honoring my Ancestors and God. 

photo by Tracy Bumpers 

Tell our readers about your book collaboration, Wake Up Winning Because Losing is Not an Option, and what that statement means.  

The book collaboration comprises incredible people who share their stories of overcoming various obstacles while thriving in their professions. They are winning and helping others do the same. The book is one of power and hope, courage and confidence. It’s a blueprint to self-love and forgiveness. It empowers you to take a chance and get up even if you’re been knocked down.

My spirit expands to draw people out of the dark and into a beautiful, purposed-life of happiness. I am certain that we are all born winners but, somewhere along the way, we forgot how special life is. Losing can never be an option because we are God’s masterpieces.  

What can our readers learn from your collaboration and why is your message so important during this difficult time in the world?

It’s critical that our readers understand that they aren’t powerless and that they’re worthy of winning especially in a time like now because we are under spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical attack. Wake Up Winning Because Losing is Not an Option is a tool to help you reset, regain, and repurpose your life. As our readers turn each page, I want them to remember their strength and be inspired to find and maintain happiness.

How did you choose the authors?

God handpicked each of the authors. My faith allows me to believe that all things are always in divine order for a divine assignment.

Why is collaboration vital?

Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” I wholeheartedly believe that we were created to be a village. Within the village, there are people like you and me with unique gifts and, when we merge them together, we can create something beautiful. When we involve ourselves in a positive collaboration, everyone wins.

What’s next for you?

I’m excited about my recent partnership with 1044Pro as a Founding Partner. 1044 Pro is a performance enhancement lifestyle bar, not a protein bar, that tastes good and is great for your body. We have a patented product that provides the body with energy and electrolytes in addition to boosting immunity, aiding in anti-aging, detoxing the body, and enhancing mental clarity. It helps people lose weight and perform better at work, and helps kids stay focused. I’m so excited with how 1044Pro is improving lives. There is truly a fast food that’s good for you. If you’re looking for another stream of income, this is it. Everything I do is focused on helping people win.

photo by Tracy Bumpers 

Tell us more about your upcoming conference and where can we purchase your book.

The MLK Weekend Extravaganza will be January 15-17, 2021 and will include the I Am Winning Virtual Conferenceand the book launch of Wake Up Winning No Matter What.

We’re going to have a ball! Friday Night we’ll have a Pajama Jam with a DJ rocking the house. Saturday morning we’ll work out with Heather Jensen followed by an afternoon conference and workshops. We’ll reveal Wake Up Winning No Matter What on Sunday and you’ll get to meet the co-authors. For all the details, visit the Wake Up Winning website and I Am Enough website or text 404.721.1724. You can also connect with me on Facebook and Instagram @WandaDHollis

Leave us with some encouraging words of wisdom.

If we all remember that winning is our birthright and losing is not an option, we would wake up each morning excited to give it everything we’ve got. Our time is now and who you were in the past has passed. In this moment you must remember that you’re enough. It’s your time to wake up winning. Life doesn’t give you what you deserve; it only gives you what you demand.

Featured Image by Gerren K.Clark