“Every woman should own a good shoe, a good bag, and a good sun glass” – Wayman

When Micah + Wayman stepped onto the red carpet at the 8th Annual Culture Creator Brunch every media outlet on the floor extended their microphones out in anticipation of what they would say. Their 10 year journey to the top was filled with colorful stories that shaped them into the powerhouse stylists they are – pushing Black culture forward and creating positive change in fashion. As outstanding leaders and innovators, the Culture Creators platform celebrated and honored them as they stood in awe amongst their peers.


Known for their flair of tradition defying gowns, bold silhouettes, and sprightly colors – the fashion due have styled for Forest Whittaker, Keke Palmer, Tiffany Haddish, Thuso Mbedu, Jodie Turner-Smith, Tessa Thompson, Regina King, Kelly Marie Tran, Anika Naomi Rose, and many more.


On the red carpet, Wayman + Micah shared their feelings on receiving the 2024 Innovators and Leaders Award. “ It feels amazing to us, we started our careers in fashion in culture, birthing our career  in Harlem. So, 10 years later to be here and be honored for Culture Creators feels amazing. We’re happy to be here, excited to be here, and we’re gonna have a good time,” said Wayman. Micah shared “It feels amazing just to be among peers and people we’ve even come up with in the industry. It’s really cool to see a lot of the other honorees we’ve known in the trenches. So to see the journeys and the trajectories of others is really a full circle moment.”


And we couldn’t allow the Kings of Fashion to walk away without having a conversation about what Wayman + Micah believes every woman should have in her closet. “Every woman should own a good shoe, a good bag, and a good sun glass,” Wayman explains. When asked which bag he suggests, Wayman shares “Oh, there’s so many – it depends on the look, it depends on body types, it depends on silhouette. There are various sizes and ranges of bags that can really compliment and accent what you’re wearing. So, think about the look first and how you can upgrade with the accessories.” Micah would later chime in, adding “It’s also confidence, rock it and rock it well.”


But it was their emotional, heartfelt acceptance speech that touched everyone in the room.

We take this moment to our hearts. We take it to our souls and our spirits and we look at all of you for inspiration and joy and we appreciate you and we value you exquisitely. I want to say this mark – this is a full circle moment for us because 10 years ago we started working together on an idea of doing vision boards together in Harlem. And from those vision boards we birth our career and ten years now we are getting an award for creating culture and shifting culture. And it is such a blessing to do it with my best friend Micah. I want to dedicate this award to everyone who’s a dreamer. I want you to know that we are here to support you, you can stand on our shoulders. Don’t be afraid to dream, don’t be afraid to manifest, and don’t be afraid to be bold in your greatness,” said Wayman.


As Micah looked upon the crowd, thankfulness flowed from within. “Like Wayman said, 10 years ago two people on the floor of an apt. On 148th dreaming up just such – just a fantasy – something we knew was possible but we have just never seen it done by people who look like us. It’s been so amazing and to be a creator – it’s a big thing and I don’t think people really realize when they at the inception of creating what it’s gonna look like, how it’s gonna end, where it’s gonna go. And it’s been an honor to create amazing red carpet moments and looks. It’s really truly an honor to create space, create industry shifts, to leave an industry that will look a little more like us before we came and pave a way for people to say ‘If they did it and they look like that – I can do it as well. I think that’s what’s been the best thing about creating,” he said in his acceptance speech.


For Wayman + Micah, it was an honor that they will never forget. The awe-stricken duo raved about what it meant to be in the room and to be honored by people who looked like them, simply amazing.


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Photo Credit(s): Jerritt Clark