Vibrant Art Curator and Professional Athlete Wayne Moore takes Sheen on a colorful artistic journey.

A critical part of expression is the creative spirit. And through beautiful textures and canvas, Wayne Moore has given the world some of the most beautiful artwork. CFL running back for the BC Lions, Moore can relate to finding the balance between physical and mental. His Jamaican roots play a key role in the peaceful yet poetic nature of his pieces, and we just HAD to tap into the mind of this creative. 

What inspires you to use such bold and broad textures in your artwork?

My mix of vibrant colors and intricacies stems from my cultural Jamaican roots entwined with my passion for spreading positive uplifting energy. Most of my work is driven to create good energy and empowerment through culture, community, and connectivity. 

What was your first piece or commission where you knew this was something you’d be doing forever? 

It’s funny, art is something that has always been within me. When I was younger I always did art, and I was even accepted to attend an art school. However, I also had that burning desire to play football but art was always with me. During my 2019 football season, I would find ways to create artwork but would never display them. It wasn’t until my roommates, who I now consider my brothers, really gave me that motivational push to share it with the world. 

Ever since I’ve been consistently creating, evolving, and connecting my art.

What do you think about the new black renaissance that is modern black culture?

I think it’s exactly what our culture and community need, it’s been so empowering. There have been so many events and gatherings motivated just by the recent rise of black creatives coming together collaborating, and pushing out quality work consistently, along with a welcoming vibe. I wouldn’t necessarily call it new, because we as a black community have always been beyond our years, but it is a great feeling to be given credit and to be seen as the trendsetters that we are.         

What is one bucket list for yourself/your business?

Something that I’m continuously visualizing is having an exhibition in another country. I love to hear my viewer’s perspectives on how they connect to my art. Everyone’s experience and how they interpret art are unique, and I’m just glad I can facilitate the conversation through my artwork.

I’ve been enjoying the sense of community that my artwork has been cultivating more recently, and I really hope to continue to grow that. It’s more so about spreading the message than it is the reach, so I’m always looking forward to authentic connections.

Is it important to you to express Black Boy Joy via art?

It’s crazy, I hear the term Black Boy Joy all the time, and sometimes I think we forget how subjective this terminology is. It holds different weight and meaning for everyone. Being a father of two, I think it’s important for black children to see themselves reflected through the in-depth storytelling of art. Black Boy Joy, or Black Girl Magic, is about finding magic and joy in the every day, and authentically showing up to be celebrated. I started my “Royalty Series” for this very reason. 

“The Royalty Series” is an empowering collection that focuses on self-representation. What started off as a personal art piece for my household, turned into something more valuable than I could ever imagine. Through vibrant color combinations and words of affirmation, the Royalty Series serves as a gentle reminder of who you are, what you are about to become, and that you are ROYAL as you are…NOW.