Black History should be celebrated all year, not just for a month— the shortest month of the year to be exact. There’s way too much information that involves Black History that can’t be crammed into everyone’s mind in 28 days— 29 on a leap year. There are also many individuals that contributed to Black History that often get overlooked because society narrowed it down to just a few well known names. We don’t always need major television companies or movie productions to learn more about our History. We have resources and books that we can use to learn more about Black History and our impact on this country. Also, celebrating Black History involves supporting Black people.

Here are a few ways to celebrate Black History all year round:

Watch a movie directed by a Black person.

How often do we get a chance to relax and watch a movie? Not often at all. So, why not watch a movie directed by a Black person to show your support? There’s a shortage of support for Black directors and producers in Hollywood, so do what you can to make sure their work is seen!

Order food from a Black owned business.

There’s no doubt that we all enjoy a good dish. Many of us order food almost once or twice every two weeks, so why not order from a black owned restaurant? These restaurants are commonly family owned, which means they can’t market like the bigger fast-food chains. Use UberEATS, Doordash or whatever food delivery service you use to keep them in business!

Buy clothes from Black designers— and don’t ask for a discount.

The fashion industry is filled with underrated Black designers whose styles are way better than the usual designer clothing. Don’t wait until they become famous to buy their clothing, support them while they’re trying to make it to the top. Do not ask them to lower their prices or add big discounts because you would not ask a famous designer to do the same.

Remember, celebrating Black History is about being grateful for those who came before us and broke down barriers so that we can live. Although our ancestors and activists did a lot, we still have to finish the job. Let’s support each other and continue to make history.