With over 15 years of experience in the financial industry, Shavonna Perkins is passionate about helping women and Christians obtain financial freedom. As Founder of The Bougie Wealth Group™, she has helped lead people towards homeownership and out of over $100,000 in debt.

 What inspired your passion for helping women and Christians with financial matters?

Helping everyday women who didn’t come from wealth, to afford significant life moments without sacrificing luxury, has always been my goal. I decided at an early age that I wanted access to more and set out on a personal journey to get my financial business in order.  My story is one of triumph and should be that of the next woman, ultimately leading to the demise of financial curses and generational cycles within our bloodline.

The Bougie Wealth Group is a formula for wealthy living. This framework extends beyond helping women to achieve success for a moment, but to assist them in sustaining those moments to create a lifestyle. According to, although black women are the least paid, four million households depend on a black woman’s salary to survive; yet during the pandemic, they lost their jobs at a higher rate. Thus highlighting the importance of helping women through their financial journey attain wealth.

The Bougie Wealth brand was born from the story of the everyday woman: a brand for the luxury woman, created to bring awareness, hope, and femininity back to budgeting and wealth building.

Share the top 3 actions you encourage your clients to focus on financially.

Evaluating Mindset – Exploring any barriers, childhood or adult trauma, and generational curses that may be influencing how they spend or manage their money. Unhealthy cycles are repeated until the mindset is renewed, changed, and old habits disintegrated.

Creating Financial Goals – Your goals are ultimately your plan for your money. Your goals represent what’s important to you and the direction you’re steering. Think of goal setting as your compass. Your compass/goals keep you focused and navigate you to your destination.

Creating A Budget & Savings/Emergency Plan – Your budget ensures that your goals are reached and that you track them accordingly. You reach your goals by controlling spending, monitoring income and expenses, and building healthy savings. A successful budget doesn’t deprive you but sustains you.

Tell us about your new book!

“I Am Too Blessed To Be Broke” is for those looking to manage their finances God’s way, break generational curses, and change their mindset about living their best life. Even if you didn’t come from wealth or see wealth growing up, this book is for you if you desire to do better. This book teaches how to break the cycle of teetering between the promises of God and the limitations we place on ourselves because of our thinking.

Not planned to be a cure for the recession, but in God’s perfect timing, this book will be the key to surviving the recession, spiritually and financially. By understanding that God owns EVERYTHING and that he’s promised us abundance, our readers will learn how to navigate through famine, chaos, and even a recession. Our readers will find the balance between realizing who God is in their finances and practical steps to being great stewards of their time, money, and assets.

After understanding the importance of living in authority according to God’s word, the book and accompanying guided journal provide step-by-step instructions for eliminating poverty mindset, setting goals, budgeting, creating an emergency fund, and so much more. The key to experiencing Godly wealth is understanding that money doesn’t replace your relationship with God.

With many experts predicting a recession, any advice to readers regarding that?

When working with our clients, our goal is to always prepare them for two essential things: what they know is coming and what they don’t know is coming.  During a recession, income, employment, industrial production, and retail sales decline.

Don’t Panic. Use wisdom but don’t deprive yourself. Know when you’re overreacting vs. when you need to pull back. Most importantly, don’t allow the media to frighten you or project “false” fear of the future.

Create a Realistic Budget. If you do not have a budget, this is the time to start one. Knowing what you have coming into the household, where your money is going, and your needs vs. wants is imperative.

Document Unpaid Debt Including Interest Rate. Keep your accounts, passwords, and unpaid debt organized. Monitor interest rates as you may want to prioritize repaying debt, focusing on paying high-interest debt first.

Ensure You Have an Emergency Fund. Calculate how much it will take to support your household’s necessities for three to six months.  An emergency fund will ensure you have enough money to survive a job loss or unexpected loss in income.

What is next for you in 2022?

I will continue promotions and marketing of the “I Am Too Blessed To Be Broke” book, especially in this season when people will be looking for hope in their finances.

Our Money, Sex, & Marriage Couples panel will be the perfect date night atmosphere for couples who want to discuss topics for sustaining a healthy marriage/relationship. The night will include dinner, desserts, a licensed therapist, a live band, a lively panel, fun, giveaways, and excitement. The first stop is in Raleigh, NC on September 23rd.

The Virtual Budget Party happens monthly in our Facebook community (The Bougie Budgeters) and includes discussions on practical topics around budgeting, self-care, managing family, and life essentially.

The Bougie Wealth Group Subscription Boxes offers products and services to make you feel excited and motivated to live your desired lifestyle. A monthly or quarterly subscription box will allow us to add more excitement and give our subscribers a chance to try something they wouldn’t usually buy.

Also stay tuned for our digital self-paced course that follows the book. To learn more visit and follow @TheBougieWealthGroup on Instagram.