Summer is a favorite marriage season. But how to be a stylish bride or to be a wedding guest and do not spoil relative’s big day by your incorrect clothes or gift it is a challenge for many. Carolina Dela Pace – a designer who made happy and dress brides from different continents: Europe, Asia, North and South America. She is the best person to update about wedding fashion trends 2020:

photo by Frankie Gorchess

“Thank you for trust. Of course, like in the casual fashion universe, in wedding dresses fashion is updated every season, but in a more subtle way. As for example, a few years ago the chic dresses were made practically with taffeta fabric, bulky sleeves, large tails, volume throughout the dress, like the iconic dress of Princess Diana. Today the puff sleeves have become trendy again, however in a more modernized and balanced way with the rest of the dress and with lighter fabrics. An elegant bride to get married in upcoming summer, should bet on a dress with fluidity, delicate lace. An accessory that is very popular is the cape, especially for the bride who does not want to wear a headdress or bridal veil, the cape brings an air of royalty, power and sensuality. The hood added to cape instead to wedding veil are very trendy now and a variation for that bride who likes to dare. We started to see the use of cape in 2019, but it is only the beginning, I believe we will have another 3 years with this upward trend. Blush and nude colors in bide dresses are still very strong in 2020, I believe we will still see a lot of these shades in 2021.

Signature gown of Bossa Nova collection 2020 presented at NYFW by Carolina Dela Pace

If you are thinking about forms of the dress, what to choose: big round dress or simple and straight in this season, I would advise you to follow your dream and heart. Every woman has a body shape and the ideal dress model should be the one that best values her. It doesn’t have the “right format” that is in fashion, because as the wedding day is something linked to the dream, often from childhood. The bride idealized the dress for many years before starting to look for it. As a designer I have to adapt my designs according her lifetime dream! I had done years of study and creative process with that is bride’s dream, because I think it’s important to have respect for each bride`s dream. So, in forms is not fashion – just follow your heart.

If you are a wedding guest in countries where brides have a tradition of wearing the white dress, so it is not elegant for a guest to go dressed in white clothes, after all the focus of the wedding is the bride and groom and we don’t need anyone else wearing white at the party. Of course, dress must not be casual, any sportswear, jeans and snickers are absolutely forbidden for any country.

I seen many weddings and of course gift is a big challenge for any guest. I believe what giving the honeymoon as a gift would be an excellent idea! It is good if bride and groom make a list of gifts that they would like to receive, which greatly facilitates the lives of the guests when buying, as there is no mistake. But if you want to be different and rock, give the honeymoon as a gift!”


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Wedding gown photo credits

Designer: Carolina Dela Pace

Model: Natalie Spivak

Photo: John Prescod Jarekay Studios

Retouch: Lecya Paryzhan

Makeup stylist: Fen Lin

Hair stylist: Cici Chang