There is no secret that people have problems sleeping at night. The cause can be several things such as a test in the morning, an argument with a significant other, or the unsure balance in your life. About 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. Lack of sleep is associated with injuries, chronic diseases, mental illnesses, poor quality of life and well-being, and many other factors. Some people might read before they sleep or even listen to white noise on YouTube. Others might go to YouTube to listen to ASMR to help them fall asleep. If you are a fan in the ASMR world you might know Ocean. Ocean is one of the most known and well-respected ASMRtist on YouTube. She has almost 300,000 subscribers to her channel, (or her ‘seashells’ as she likes to call them) and her top video has 3.8 million views! Ocean was born in Calgary, which is located in southwest Canada, but now resides in Ontario. She is a full-time student at Queens University where she is studying Commerce. She is a vegan who is passionate about environmentalism and wants to help create a greener world for future generations. She was able to sit down with Sheen Magazine and give us more insight on ASMR and how she balances being a known video creator into her busy schedule.

What does ASMR stand for and when did you start doing your videos?

ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. I started creating ASMR videos back in March 2018.

What is your favorite part about doing ASMR videos? Is it recording? Editing? Choosing the theme or role play?

My favorite part about doing ASMR is filming my videos! I don’t create a script for my videos but rather just come up with everything on the spot. This allows my true personality and sense of humor to shine through to my audience. My favorite videos to film are role plays because I get to take on a character personality and immerse myself in the filming experience.

What is your favorite ASMR video you have done?

My favorite video I have ever done is my “ASMR Kind Rich Girl Gives You A Fancy Makeover.” That video amassed over a million views and started a whole “Kind Rich Girl” series on my channel which my subscribers love. It was a successful video idea and I still add videos to the series to this day.

What are your next plans for your ASMR YouTube channel?

I plan to continue making creative role-plays and relaxing videos for my audience for many years to come! With every year comes a new trend or meme which I can incorporate into my videos so there is always something new and exciting to film. I also hope to eventually come out with some “Oceans ASMR” merch as well once my schedule frees up a bit. I’m not sure how long I will do ASMR for but it is my passion and I love knowing my videos help so many people, especially those battling mental illnesses. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!

What does an average day for Ocean look like?

I usually wake up around 9 am and reply to emails and catch up on my socials. I then have breakfast and may film a video or two before starting my university assignments. Throughout the day I deal with anything from schoolwork, meetings, interviews, filming/editing videos, and working on my clothing line. It usually varies each day. Once my parents get home from work I have dinner with them and spend some time with the family before starting work again. I then will unwind by watching some Netflix, heading to bed around 1 am.

ASMR is designed to help people fall asleep. ASMR can branch out into so many different things such as chewing videos, dry hand sounds, role plays, and tapping! You can find Ocean on YouTube by looking up ‘Oceans ASMR’ and see all of her different videos. So many followers comment under her videos and let her know how appreciative they are of her. So many have difficult days that crash their mood, have trouble sleeping, and some don’t have problems at all. They just love her work and what she does. If you know anyone who could be struggling with sleep don’t hesitate to introduce them to the ASMR world as there are so many video creators who create different content especially for them!



All images provided by Ocean