The cycle of growth and healing is a lifelong process. Different points in our lives require a different version of ourselves to show up. We are currently all seeing a major shift. The present moment we are in is forcing the entire world to take a look at the habits, thought patterns, and modes of operating we are familiar with. It’s pushing us all to make a change. Millennial women of color in particular are embracing the shift and taking the necessary steps to combat trauma, generational curses, and unlearn unhealthy habits that we may have adapted to in our past.

Studies have shown that 16 percent of Black and African Americans have experienced mental distress in the past year. Luckily they aren’t alone on their journey. Wellness Advocates like Kelley Green are helping women along the way. Kelley is a certified Yoga and Meditation Instructor. The Author, Life Coach, and Founder of Rise In Color is using her expertise to help unite women on their journey to healing themselves. Her platform came out of the necessity to create spaces for millennial women of color turning towards wellness and personal development practices.

I was able to catch up with Kelley about remodeling wellness and helping other women of color honor their stories. A person’s mindset plays a significant role in alleviating stress and keeping focus. Kelley stated, working on her mindset has created the biggest shift in all areas of her life. “I’ve been able to cultivate more peace and happiness, while attracting healthier relationships, money and more! Here are some tips to help WOC create their own mindset shift:

  1. Be still and look inward. In order to improve our lives, we have to take a seat and dig into the depths of our inner selves to determine where there’s room for growth.
  2. Focus on controlling your thoughts and emotions.Oftentimes our thoughts and emotions can make or break us and our relationships. As a coach who is trained in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) it’s important for me to share techniques with my clients to help them control their emotions instead of letting their emotions control them.
  3. Journal. Please don’t underestimate the power of journaling. It allows us to get the thoughts in our head, out and in front of us, on paper so we can detach and heal.

Kelley founded Rise In Color in 2019. Her goal is to use her experience as a Certified Life Coach and Yoga Instructor to teach millennial women of color, how to use wellness and personal development practices in a conducive manner leading to a healthier way of living and thinking. She advocates for women standing in their power, taking control of their life, and create an income/ impact in the world, on their terms. Her work is driven towards helping bring out the best in people. Kelley’s initially started off working in management for Fortune 500 + 100 companies where she felt stuck, due to fear of pursuing her dreams.Although she had prominent titles at these organizations, her compensation never fully reflected her experience, interests, and workload. Her time was controlled by her superiors.

“I couldn’t hide my gifts for long, eventually God got so loud in my ear I couldn’t ignore Him. He gave me opportunities to learn in the spaces I was in and then made me uncomfortable until it was time for me to move on. I eventually got honest with myself, I put on my big girl pants, and elevated my life to one that I designed and I loved. I used my gifts and interest to publish a book, become Certified in Life Coaching and Yoga, and then created my platform Rise In Color.”

Rise In Color may be a new platform but Kelley has been helping empower women thru their healing journey for 10 years strong. She offers an array of resources and tools ranging from free online videos, audio downloads, and journaling prompts across social media. She also offers one on one client work to help women determine their strengths, show up as their best selves and align themselves with their true purpose. Click here to find more resources she has available.

As a newbie to Yoga and Meditation Kelley suggests taking it slow. It’s not favored upon to jump right into 30 minute meditations or 1 hr. long yoga sessions right off the bat. “As a Certified Yoga + Meditation Instructor, I can honestly say these practices changed my life. Now, I’m not saying I was an off-the-walls, mean monster in the world, but I know internally, my mindset has changed A Lot. I am much more calm, understanding, patient, happy, and it’s so much easier for me to release things that do not serve me.” Kelley recommends while most of us are still following quarantine regulations use meditation apps like Liberate and Calm. Websites like Black Girl In Om and Sisters of Yoga, along with instagram platforms like Kelley’s are great for watching IGTV videos on improving your mindset and life.

Kelley’s book, Perfectly Imperfect is a collection of poetry and prose that takes the reader on an alliterative journey from childhood hardships and self-doubt to the tumultuous waves of both love and hate as an adult. “This collection of gripping poems and inspirational tidbits were written to provide valuable wisdom through lessons. It invites readers to reflect on their own journey and the importance of embracing things, life’s only constant is change and the key to happiness is self-love.”

Rise In Color is helping women stay empowered during the pandemic with 80 Empowering Affirmations for a powerful, happy, and authentic life. It’s imperative to do a mental check when you are on a journey of healing. Using affirmations can really help shift your mindset from lack into abundance. Life is a journey and when you pay close enough attention to your intuition, emotions, and your impact (or lack thereof) you recognize when it’s time to pivot.  Some affirmations that I’d like to share to help other women on their journey of self love and healing include: 

I fully love and embrace myself as I am now and as I grow into my higher self.

I am healing at my own pace with grace, love, understanding.

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