The current pandemic has us all going crazy right now. We’re scared to leave our homes and find it difficult to purchase necessities in order for us to stay well during this time. Panic is the first thing that comes to mind, that’s just natural. We recently spoke with LaShawnna Stanley to discuss how she believes we should adapt to this new way of living. Stanley believes it all starts within our mind so we wanted to expand on that thought and obtain her best advice during this crucial, terrifying time in order to place things in perspective.

What made you want to become a wellness/lifestyle coach?

Honestly, I didn’t really choose to. I’ve always had this natural instinct to coach and mentor those around me without even trying. I guess you can say it’s a natural, organic response. Throughout life, I’ve experienced, been through, and learned a lot in every aspect. I believe this is what makes me a great teacher, naturally.

Why are you so dedicated to helping others?

When I went through life’s hardships, I always wished I had someone to help me. A lot of what I do is what I wished I had someone there to do for me. People need help and sometimes they feel that they lack the resources to obtain that help, so I wanted to bridge the gap and do it “my way.” I pride myself on being raw, yet empathetic to the needs of others. That’s what makes my approach different from other wellness/lifestyle coaches. I don’t sugar coat ANYTHING because it just drags out the process of healing and learning.

With the current pandemic going on, what advice would you offer our readers?

It’s so easy to get caught up in the rapture of panic and worry during a national pandemic

(And listening to the messages via the news/social media doesn’t help, either.) For me, I let people know that everything starts with your mindset. We must change the way our negative thoughts manifest through our lives and counteract with positive thinking. Feed your mind with positive affirmations and you will get through. Below are some tips I created to help ALL of us maintain our health (and our sanity!)

Change Your Mindset: Choose to focus on something other than worry and doubt.

Life happens fast and the way we respond is TOTALLY in our control. We have the power to shift our energy to be positive and upbeat. It is a constant battle fighting against your conscious vs. subconscious mind, but don’t let the negative vibration win!

Fight That Fear! Fear is basically how we rehearse the worst thing happening in our lives and it creates an imbalance in the nervous system. Instead, we should have faith and reassurance that things will work out for the greater good. My grandmother used to say, ” We need to live by faith and not by sight!” which is the absolute TRUTH!

Get Back to Your Spiritual Roots: My morning routine consists of waking up and saying loudly “Thank you universe/God for waking me up this morning and starting me on my way!” I then listen to positive affirmations while I brush my teeth or make my breakfast. I would highly suggest going on YouTube and listen to positive affirmations to reprogram your subconscious with ANY negative vibrations. Our mind is a very powerful tool; dig into yourself and see that God works in you. You can program your mind to do whatever you want. Believe that.

Allow Yourself to Feel Fear For a Moment (But Don’t Stay There!): Listen. I’ve been there. With all this talk about folks dying and getting sick, it makes you worry (especially when all the damn toilet tissue/paper towels are out of stock from other folks that are freaking out.) Let that feeling pass through and move ON! I can only have an impact on what I can control (which is me!)

Take Care of your Body: Goodness knows I like to indulge in a libation a time or two, but drinking every day constantly ain’t it, especially if you are trying to build your immune system to combat a virus. Aside from the chips/cookies, you are stacking up on, you should be buying fruits and veggies along with drinking alkaline water. Give your body stuff that can fight a virus (hello oranges!) Our body is made to heal itself from things directly grown from the earth as well as what we ingest.

Be Productive! What have you been putting off that you know you need to do?

That book you wanted to write? Write it! Want to get summertime fine with a concrete work out plan? Work out! Need to thoroughly clean out your closet? Spring clean, beloved! Do something productive vs. sitting around and not exercising your mind.

Quit Worrying About Sh!t You Can’t Change! Psych yourself out on what’s best to come. Remember, when this is over, be excited about all the positive things that will reveal itself in due time! This is a MAJOR key for visualization practices. Learn to protect yourself and your spirit from things you cannot control.

Remember, we all have a choice NOT to feed into the BS. Program your mind with positive thoughts, etc. This too shall pass.

What are you currently working on now? What can we expect to see from LaShawnna Stanley in the future?

Since most of my casting projects are on hold due to COVID19, I’m excited to say that I’m writing my first book in a new airplane read compilation series, Snatch Your Power Back. Once we ALL do our part and cure COVID19 (and believe me, we will), I will be working on visual campaigns with Gucci, executing more grassroots projects with Ethnicity Kids (my casting agency that hires children of color for exciting, new ventures) and potential endeavors on Fox Soul (shhh… that’s a secret!)

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All images by Saint Aubin Photography~ Jean St. Aubin