The Wendy Williams biopic aired Saturday, January 30th on Lifetime and highlighted the defining early moments in Wendy Williams’ life from childhood to adulthood that shaped this entertainment mogul into the woman she has become today. 

Wendy discussed early on her insecurities about her weight and body because her family would often speak on her size and she being bigger than the other kids. Wendy glamorized celebrities and their perfect images. She desired one day to live that life and have the perfect image that they portrayed in magazines. 

Wendy took her failures, mistakes, and hardest lessons and applied those to her career and won! She didn’t take no for an answer and was very determined about her career in TV.

It wasn’t until she met Kevin Hunter that even more painful moments would arise. This biopic documents the recent hardships in Wendy’s life from the drugs to the divorce. 

Wendy Williams truly overcame a lot of obstacles and heartbreaks and channeled that energy into a successful entertainment career. 

The movie and both the documentary showcased Wendy in a never before seen light. The documentary is raw, and will show her raw emotions as she oftens breaks down on camera about her current situation. It’s very transparent that the entertainment mogul is airing out her own dirty laundry. 

It may seem too recent for a biopic being that a lot of the events occurred within the last two years but hopefully this was a form of therapy and healing for the media mogul Wendy Williams.

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