Ladies! Why rely on a man for income when you can get your own? Koereylle DuBose, founder of WERK University made that possible. The university is a financial coaching business that teaches how to get paid. Through this program you’re destined to exceed your money making goals.

“I realized that women don’t need anymore empowerment, they need to know how to get paid,” said DuBose.

She went from teaching grade school to becoming a serial entrepreneur through personal branding.

The young entrepreneur started her first international brand in 2012 called “The Single Wives Club.” The women empowerment brand connected single women and happy wives in hopes of helping them prepare for marriage. From 2013-2019 she started hosting a women’s empowerment weekend in Atlanta called WERK, Pray, Slay. By 2015 she ran an annual travel-based empowerment brand (Busy at the Beach) that took women from around the country to different beaches around the world until she founded WERK University last winter.

The program welcomed 415 plus women during their first 10 day enrollment and currently have over 800 students. In the first 2 months of 2020, the WERK U program assisted their students in making over $120k. This month alone, one of their students earned a $45k contract for 6 weeks of work through one of the company’s resources.

For more on WERK University and DuBose, you can check out her websites Werk University and Koereyelle. You can also follow her on social media @Koereyelle and @TheWERKUniversity.