Let’s talk about lash care. Honestly, not talked about enough, the eye area is probably the most delicate part of our faces. We put our eyes through a lot. With daily routines of religiously pressing in concealers, eyeliners, and other cosmetics, making just as much of an effort to include our eyes and lashes in our skin care routines is critical.

If you’re anything like me, choosing clean and healthy beauty brands is a priority. A lot of conventional brands that house products with synthetic ingredients don’t necessarily have healing properties. That is why I’ve been loving Velour Beauty: the eye-centric, vegan, cruelty-free, and eco-conscious brand that stands behind using natural ingredients suitable for sensitive eyes and skin. Dedicated to innovation, Velour is creating cutting edge products for our delicate lashes.

The way that Velour is approaching the fusion of beauty and wellness is impressive, and they just launched the world’s very first, entirely plant-based Plant Fibre Lash Collection. Yes, you read that right. Velour’s earth-friendly Plant Fibre Lash Collection features handmade, hemp-derived lashes that are perfect for any and every occasion. I tried out these plant-based strip lashes along with Velour’s new lash serum and I’m obsessed! Velour’s latest releases are what you need for your healthiest lashes yet. These Velour Beauty essentials are just as luxurious as they are sustainable, check them out below:

  1. Second Nature, $24

“Second Nature” is the perfect everyday lash, with a criss-cross design making them appear like your natural lashes. The short, round shape enhances the natural volume of your lashes. They’re so light and fluttery!

  1. A New Leaf, $24

“A New Leaf” lashes are wispy and full volume with lifted fibre tips giving you that bright-eyed, “ready to seize the day” look. My personal favorites!

These entirely plant-based lashes are so soft, lightweight, and they really look no different from traditional luxury lashes. All components of these lashes, from the flexible band to the fluffy fibres, are derived from plants. They can be reused up to 20+ times, are 90% biodegradable, and come in 100% recyclable packaging. We love a good lash that’s safe on the eyes and the environment.

  1. Long & Strong Lash Serum, $42

Velour’s Long & Strong Lash Serum is an essential I never knew I needed. This gentle serum is designed to give you visibly stronger, longer, and thicker looking lashes, and with it’s nutrient-rich formula, you can expect to see noticeable lash growth in just 6 weeks. Packed with botanical extracts and four different peptides, the lash growth complex includes ingredients that stimulate keratin genes and collagen production.. I’ve been applying this to my natural lashes every night for about a week now, and I can’t wait to see the results. With this fragrance-free serum, a little goes a long way. If used nightly, the tube can last you for about 3 months. You only need one dip per eye, and I love that it doesn’t leave my eyes feeling itchy or irritated. I strongly recommend getting lash serum if you’re an avid extensions or mascara wearer!

  1. Lash Adhesive in Black, $12

Surprisingly, this week has been the first time I’ve ever used black lash adhesive. I’ve always been nervous to get black glue all over my lid in case I fumbled applying faux lashes (Am I the only one?).  But, this black lash adhesive by Velour is something that I’ve been rocking with! It’s not as scary to use as it sounds and, made for luxury lashes, it has a pretty balanced viscosity. So, if you make any hand slips, the glue can be easily wiped away clean. At the same time, this glue has a strong, long-lasting hold that keeps my strip lashes in place all day. Of course the formula in this adhesive is gentle on the eyes and lashes, plus it’s hypoallergenic!

What are your thoughts on the new collection?

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