What was the context? and how did you fail what happened?

  1. Other methods could work better AND be more improved.

Maybe this time around, you have struggled and even dedicated long and growling hours to come up with a plan that, once completed, turned out to be a dreadful total failure. Before you also think of it, ask yourself, are you going to berate yourself for what? Your lack of knowledge and believing in yourself.

  1. Every Mistake reminds yourself that indeed you are human.

Since everyone and I mean EVERYONE!  Makes mistakes and the experience that has impacted those involves, and everyone includes at some points. While humiliated and even painful, some failures will keep us also from being humble. If we remain stubborn in our tactics. We are strong-minded to demonstrate correctness no matter the significance; we will not only miscue the self-effacement studying experience.

  1. The word “flexibility.”

Let us be real majority of us like to be in our comfort zone and STAY there, which means the total opposite of being flexible when it comes to failing or being down on your luck. We must discover that not everyone is built that way. It quickly becomes self-evident that you need to be more flexible. You can bounce forward from the inexperienced and exercise some flexibility in your following effort. Here is where the strength to change, modify and transform — or even spring out the traditional route conjointly and starting fresh — comes inconveniently.

STORYTIME! It was last year, and to semester ago, I was very excited to know I was on the path of graduating. In old fashion, you tell everyone you know, and it does not matter who is listening. As someone who used having letdowns and consequences, I was finally graduating on time and with my peers. After taking photos, which I did not enjoy due to my low self-esteem and not being photogenic unless attached to a Snapchat filter or with good lighting, I was excited.

I took the photos, got my garment, and went home with excitement. However, as time progressed, and patience has begun to thin. I started to ask questions regarding why I did not get certain documents to say I was graduating and finally. I went out and bought a dress that was not sure if I was graduating, but just in case it was all in the same safe zone.

However, on the date of my “graduation,” it was an official I was not graduating due to an error on both parties failing a foreign language class, which is mandatory and my former schooling telling me congratulations.

Not only did I have to retake the class but talking about this to my mother was a stressor that caused many conversations and even arguments in our household. With money involved and misunderstanding, it could be a more humiliating time. I learned not to tell everyone about my success because I did not know if I would graduate again.

I must say going through did not improve my mental illness or my anxiety, not one bit. I had to adjust and understand that everyone fails and knows that it is okay. There will be another time. However, school is undersupplied migraine, and failing any course is not an option I work until I am tired, miserable, and sick.

I know it is unhealthy, especially for my condition, but when you have a parent that’s a single parent paying for my educational experience. What else it is I supposed to do other than be successful I made it so far and got a degree. I guess I have four more years to go to university.