Election season comes around every four years which is nothing new. Yet, this season has held a mirror up to the world’s face. It’s broken up families, friendships and relationships. Many say that Trump made the world more racist, but I think that is complete BS. Speaking as a Black woman, he made racists more comfortable to be their true selves. For that I’m grateful I articulated my reasons here

Speaking from experience I lost a friend of fifteen years behind this election. He thought it was because of his love for Trump, but it was much deeper than that. For me he exposed his racist ways and I couldn’t get past it. The disparaging comments that he made about George Floyd were way too disturbing to look past. In addition, he co-signed every hateful thing Candace Owens spewed out her mouth. He then felt it was ok because she was Black which made me sever all ties.

Like I tell all my White friends, don’t tell your Black friends how to feel about the racism they face, or tell us how we should respond the oppression either. The only thing that’s needed from our white counterparts is allyship and accountability.   I will give props to my white friends who stood up against the racists and chastised their behavior. It’s obvious that this is a major problem, and current events have rocked their conscience where they’ve reached out to help out in any way possible. This speaks volumes, since they could’ve sat by idly.

Did it hurt losing someone who I was close to for that long? Of course! Except I look at this way, there’s a reason for a season. People are in your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

At the end of the day I’m Black and I’m going to die Black. I refuse to be the token negro. I couldn’t be friends with someone who doesn’t respect me or my race. I wouldn’t be able to look myself in the mirror with any dignity or respect.

Peace and blessings,

Queen Ke