Kerry-Ann Zamore is a dynamic executive leader, energetic trainer and facilitator who has been a passionate advocate for community for over two decades. As a military family, Ms. Zamore has served several communities throughout the continental United States, Alaska, and Europe. She is Clinical Social Worker, Life Coach, Author, Playwright, Award-winning Filmmaker and Director and Community Organizer. She’s directed written, produced, and directed over 25 sold out stage plays.  Kerry-Ann believes in the power of visual imagery in trainings. She uses dramatizations, and original full-length stage plays to bring awareness through entertainment regarding social issues. She also uses short interactive skits to facilitate training in teaching victim advocacy, family violence awareness, sexual assault awareness, conflict resolution, and several other subjectsto bring awareness and education to social issues in the community.

Kerry-Ann has very diverse experiences in Child Welfare, Law Enforcement, Crisis Intervention, Public Advocacy, Psychiatric care, and Municipality Government.  She is a skilled and experienced anti-racism facilitator trained through the Casey Foundation and People’s Institute. She uses her skills as a facilitator to create safe spaces for conversations about race, gender, and social inequities.

Sheen had the opportunity to sit and speak with this phenomenon of a woman. Listen in closely.

Please introduce yourself to the reading audience.

I am a Professor, Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, Author, Award Winning Filmmaker and Playwright. She is a mother of three sons and has spent the past two decades as a advocate and educator using various forms of performing arts to bring social issues to light through workshops, live dramatizations and films. She hopes to empower and strengthen communities 

How do you define success?

Success is not quitting and continually growing and setting next goals. Success is enjoying the process of becoming. Success is truly enjoying and being intentional about life. 

How have you used your influence to enhance the lives of others?

I use my platforms to bring awareness and education to the communities I serve.  I think it is important for individuals to be healthy, mentally, emotionally and physically, as a result our communities will also be healthy. 

How do you keep going when you want to give up? Or, have you ever experienced this before?

Yes, There have been times that I just didn’t feel like it. I think after my divorce I wanted to quit, But then I look at my son and I know If I quit when it hard then I cannot motivate to keep going when things get hard for him. I do it because this is bigger than me. 

What are you currently working on for this last quarter in 2021? In other words, how do you plan to finish 2021 strong?

This last quarter I launched my 2022 Affirmations Calendar called “Hey Sis”, My Affirmation Greeting Cards line, and My stage play PRODIGAL 

What is the mantra that you live by?

Live life intentionally and be your authentic self. 

What is it that one thing that Kerry-Ann knows for sure?

That my purpose if bigger than me, and my voice is global. 

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