Changes in life, What’s now considered normal


Different forms of technology has a continuous impact on our daily lives. I can remember I didn’t have my first cell phone until I was probably in my early twenties. Now for various reasons it’s now normal for a child to get their first cell phone in elementary school. They can even however learn how to operate a tablet earlier than that. So let’s talk about this.

Social Media

Social Media has definitely made a change in our daily lives. 

One huge example is with churches. You don’t have to leave your bedside but watch the service from your electronics device. Even to pay your tithes and offering can be done by different mobile apps. Preachers now dont have to have a physical building and preach to a social media audience.

We can also through social media apps with staying in contact with friends, families or connect with new people across the world. 


Remote jobs allows you to work from home like Customer Service Representatives, Online Teachers and tutors, web designers etc. This is definitely plus for stay at home moms. You can even get paid from being a youtuber or get paid on other social media apps with certain qualifications. 


The music industry has been affected by social media. Instead of paying money to go to concerts in some cases you can view it online. Fans often go live on their personal social page but in some cases video recording maybe restricted. There are some instances where artist are famous today because of a social media post that went viral. 


Restaurant, grocery stores are not even the same from when I was a child. I see more and more self checkouts. Instacart is also a grocery delivery service for homes or other locations. With some restaurants you can pay from an electronic device right at your table. Another major thing with dealing with social media and restaurants when it can really bring a business up or down from customers voicing their opinion on social media.

Let’s even talk about clothing stores. I’ve noticed some major clothing stores are not as popular as they used to be. Women are just fine with online shopping with Shein and Amazon just to name two.

There is so much more of this to think about and say. 

 I’m thinking what will my children have to teach me or will I try to keep up. Time is constantly changing but no reason to stress. If you don’t know google it unless that’s old too.