LaThea Adams is a wheelchair model that is not letting life’s challenges slow her course on her way to her dreams. Instead, she’s creating a more diverse and inclusive way you look at models from now on. In our exclusive interview with Adams, she digs deep into how she plans on breaking the glassing ceiling as a “normal” model while paving the way for young adults with different circumstances.

Tell us why being a representative model with disabilities is so important to you?

Being a representative model for those with a disability gives me a voice about Jesus magnificent healing Power. It allows me to tell and show my testimony. As of today, I’m still waiting on the full manifestation of my healing, but I have not and will not give up. No matter what life, this world or the devil throws at you, believe the word of God for your life which is “By Jesus strips you are healed” …act like it is so.

photo by Lisa Hamilton ; Lisa Simone Photography

How would you describe your recovery process from being paralyzed?

My recovery process has been slower than what I thought it would’ve been. It’s been 14 long tough years. Although, the last two years have really been a blessing. My vocal cords were healed after 13 years of a raspy breathy voice. I’m able to walk a little on my own but mostly with assistance. I’m still waiting on the functional use of my arms and hands. Also, I’ve made a couple of friends and I found my way into the modeling industry with the help of my personal trainer and a personal care aide, which help lift my countenance and feel more like myself during my recovery process.

How do you plan on creating more diversity and inclusion in the world of modeling?

I plan on creating more diversity and inclusion by my personal story as a model while being paralyzed while on the road to recovery. I believe my testimony will help disabled individuals to trust and believe that there is nothing impossible with the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe I’m healed in Jesus name; therefore, I walk like it, talk like it and act like it.  This I hope to ensure to others after me, that anything can happen to anyone but does not have to end that way. Embracing your confidence and faith should be the norm in modeling, meaning how do you see or view yourself? Let the world capture that.

What do you hope to accomplish in the years to come?

My plan is to show the world determination, perseverance, the spirit of faith by never giving up from my personal testimony.

photo by Shawn Costen ; Ballie B Photograpy 

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Featured Image by Lacienda Portraits