“Cooking with love and fulfilling my purpose while I’m here on this earth and leaving a legacy for my children’s children to know that I did it.” The words used by the owner of Yvette’s Kitchen LLC Millicent Bolden.

Her business started in 2017 although she started making Sugoi Sauce in 2000 in Mansfield, Ohio. Her purpose is to make the public aware of her brand /logo/ nutritional label and health benefits. Yvette is the purveyor of two multi-purpose spaghetti sauces. One is made with turkey and the other is gluten free. She is confident that she has a solution to a need that the world has been waiting for. “There are so many people who suffer from digestive issues. I too suffered from acid reflux and got tired of eating out at restaurants and experiencing issues for weeks on end after eating out. My grandmother and mother suffered from acid reflux too. So, I begin experimenting in my kitchen in Ohio by tweaking and perfecting it. Fast forward in 2017 I got hurt on my job at work and I cried out to God asking him what am I supposed to be doing and I knew that he didn’t want me getting hurt on a job? He said so clearly that “I was supposed to be making my sauce.” So, I begin researching what to do and I had Sugoi Sauce tested at Clemson University. My first testing was my Sugoi Sauce with ground Turkey meats. It is labeled a low acid food from Clemson University. I then took my sauce to HSN, The Home Shopping Network and I pitched it in front of 6 quirky executives who loved it and asked me how I could get 100,000 units to them. At that moment I knew I had something but didn’t have the resources etc. So, I asked God to show me what I’m supposed to do.”

On June 13, 2021 Yvette’s Kitchen LLC was the recipient of the BARB award presented by Relentless Church and Pastor John Gray’s ministry. She can now pour back into the community and further the Kingdom of God. Tip for upcoming bosses would be to always seek guidance from the Almighty for direction, connections, and like-minded people and for Him to enlarge your territory. The scripture says in Habukkah 2:2 “And the Lord answered me, and said, write the vision, and make it plain upon the tables, that he may run that reads it.”

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Millicent Bolden
CEO of Yvette’s Kitchen LLC