Now that the thrill and excitement you once shared is gone, being passive in hopes that it will return is not going to work.

We all know that the feeling of being in love does not last forever. If not plagued by past issues, there are insecurities that step in the way, pushing you and your partner further apart. You now find yourself working harder than ever just to feel and be loved. If you want the passion back in your relationship, you have to do more than wish it back. Now is the time to make time for your partner and plan secret getaways. Staying around the house won’t do it, so be willing to leave the house if not do something different altogether. Your relationship needs a new environment … some place you haven’t been before that will add the spice back.

Many relationships hit a bump in the road that leaves their love life flat. It’s time to jumpstart that passion and spark back into your relationship before it’s too late, assuming you both are on the same page in wanting it back. At this point, you are either adding to the stress in your relationship or taking it away—and the way things have been lately, adding to it is more likely.

Be sure you know what it is you want from your relationship or else you will be wasting your time. Leave the finger pointing out, when getting the passion back in your relationship. Stop allowing past issues and negative people and what they think block you from loving your partner. Now is not the time to focus on who did what if you are not looking for an argument.

Many times, relationships lose their spark because no one is willing to make time. Let’s face it, life issues get in the way when you are trying to relax and have fun. You are not the only one whose passion is riding in the backseat. The longer you have been together it seems the more issues you have and well, life takes center stage. You will never have passion in your relationship if you aren’t holding each other’s attention… simple and plain. The same work you put into the relationship during the dating stage to win each other over is the same amount of work you must invest in to keep that passion burning. All relationships have their fair share of issues, ups and downs because no relationship is perfect. Are you both on the same page? Does your partner want more time with you but can’t find enough time in the day to make you a priority?

Just because the passion is gone in your relationship does not mean that the relationship is over. You both can still have that loving and passionate relationship you once shared. You must put in the work and give less excuses if you want it to work. Stop making time for the wrong things.  Do you remember what turns your partner on? Do you know what they like and how they like it? When was the last time you did something romantic for your partner or they for you? Flirting is the best way to bring back the passion. Most people forget about the power that flirting has once they are in a relationship.

You don’t have to tell me there is very little to no intimacy in your relationship if the passion is not there. Nine times out of ten you are having more arguments than before. Your relationship is not flourishing but dying. If you don’t get your relationship and its passion back on track, consider yourself in a roommate type relationship. Not having the passion in your relationship can feel like you are in love alone. Let’s not forget the sexual frustration you both may be going through since that passionate spark is not presence. Make time for each other and do fun things that bring you closer together.

A New Approach

How you and your partner handle issues in your relationship can impact those sensitive and intimate areas. Over time, the lack of closure in your relationship can block passion and smother the spark of love. Don’t be afraid to give your heart and put yourself in vulnerable positions; it will pay off in the long run. Know that if you are feeling the loss of passion in your life, your partner is feeling that loss as well. Be patient with yourself and your partner because nothing happens overnight.

Here is a list of ways to bring back the passion and spark in your relationship.

  • Flirt every chance you get with each other.
  • Make eye contact with your partner when you see them.
  • Make time for each other by setting up a date.
  • Kiss longer and deeper, you know like you did when you first met.
  • Have a positive attitude whenever you are around them.
  • Be playful.
  • Don’t be afraid to try or do something new.
  • Try something different in the bedroom.
  • Listen to each other.
  • Talk more by sharing your feelings and not just the bad, but those good feelings too.
  • Learn to laugh more with each other.
  • Learn to compliment each other and mean it.
  • Spend less time around people who are unhappy.
  • Keep people out of your relationship.
  • Give a full body massage to each other.
  • Show small displays of affection like kissing or holding hands whenever you can.

Learning to recapture the passion back into your relationship is not difficult but needed if you are building a stronger and loving relationship. The more you do to recapture that passion, the stronger your relationship will become in and out of the bedroom. This is all about trial and error. Some things will work and some things will not work. That’s okay. You both have grown, seeing things differently is okay. So this is the time to see what you each like and what turns you on. Teaching your partner what you want and like will require you showing them instead of telling them. If you can do this, you are well on your way for more passion than you can handle.

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