It was a question a friend and even mentor asked in an open poll, and the questions were, “Why is it so difficult to give yourself grace? How do you overcome it? “

I had to sit on my bed and look into my ceiling and think, “When did I ever give myself the time and space of grace.”

I had to think about this one and think about it honestly. 

There’s no absolute secret as women We are harsh on ourselves. Yes, this includes me, especially me. But I’m still learning to be kind to myself that and to know firstly, none of us is perfect. And indeed, we all make mistakes or have made terrible choices big or small. The whole key is to learn them, and one at a time isn’t it how we grow.

But, keep in mind; we sometimes force ourselves to relive any memories that either calms us or harms us, but we must always remember to give space for new meaningful ones. But going back to giving yourself grace for once, there’s no shame in that. Presenting yourself isn’t always for spiritual purposes but simply constructing the need to be careful or defined. It’s; generally, how you feel when it’s been unraveled, you may find yourself in different gestures of compassion, that’s grace. Grace occurs unexpectedly, either when a person politely approaches you to merely hugging a crying child with compassion.

Also, consider self-care, reflection, and even focusing on things that make you the happiest, but then again, it depends on the concept of grace that looks like to you. Nonetheless, sometimes it is not easy because we know our very own potential, we understand that we are capable of achieving anything and keeping our minds to it. It many of us it’s about keeping out best foot and heart forward either our professional, personal, or academic life. We must always remind ourselves that, indeed, we are human beings.

An that’s the most important part WE ARE HUMAN!