As a full-time student and international student dealing with depression and anxiety daily, it is definitely a struggle, especially when you are continuously dealing with hardships and sometimes difficulties within people. Students who have experienced anxiousness or depressive feelings should know that they are not alone. It merely is not uncommon to feel this way—in particular, being involved in the university community.

The experience of having difficulties having to cope with university mostly likely you are not the only one. It is very often that students will find themselves having issues with the new atmosphere but doing it in silence. having this peace of mind that indeed “we are all okay.” Unfortunately, that is not true.

The first thing that will probably assist you during this time many will say, “talk to someone you trust.” In many factors, not everyone is trustworthy either, talk to a friend if you one available.  But make sure you state your limitations. However, if you feel uncomfortable with this, there is also a great student mental health hotlines or even services by students, and for the students, please check it out!

Secondly, during these altering times, you will have a little thought in your mind, if you are sure based on the way you are feeling and how it will this impact you for the rest of your life. if you’re having these constant feeling and anxiety episodes please consider going to professional.

As a seasoned higher educated student, I would say these student centers do help universities that have therapists and counselors. They do offer emotional support.

However, services do vary, especially the amount they are used, and if you do hold insurance support and continue your healing through the school year. However, if you’re a student who is already aware that she or he or them. Were already diagnosed with any mental illness, it is better to let the school know based on their services like the disability service center. I am a student attached to such a center as “disability services” due to my condition of neurological disorder and my mental health of having depression and anxiety. Doing this makes the load of paperwork and stress less stressful and comes with much assistance to make your university or school adventure a glorious one.

However, besides all the small jokes and funny moments, this will be a journey for you and anyone to be honest. Especially in these times of returning to class either online or in-person for some, this can be full of breakdown and emotional distress. However, it is essential to have someone in your corner, either friend who will listen without judgment or a counselor who fully prepares and gives you a chance to vent. Whatever pain, stress, and worry you may face, do not hold it inside.

Trust me.  I am working on it.

Remember, everything will be progressing especially, with higher education and walking in the world of adulthood.