“Here Today, gone Tomorrow”

 -November 2020

This year, November arrived for a split second and decided it was time to leave. It’s about to be December soon, but it feels like yesterday we just virtually celebrated Halloween. (You know, because of COVID. Wear your mask.) 

In a little less than a week, we’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving, the holiday many of us look forward to every year. 

It’s the day we get to hang out with majority of our cousins and listen to our grandparents talk about the “good ole days”. It’s no secret that there are four main types of family members that everyone has. 

However, which one are you?

  1. The Nosey One

There’s never a family gathering without that one nosey relative who likes to know everyone’s business. They can either be bold and ask you upfront or they’ll try to slide their way into getting the “tea”.

Favorite phrases/ questions: “What you been up to?”, “We gone talk later.”, “I have a bone to pick with you.”

  • The Late Relative

This family member will show up to Thanksgiving hours after dinner is over and half of the Family already left. They tend to act surprise when majority of the food is gone, and they have to get a plate of whatever is left.

Favorite phrases/ questions: “Why everybody leaving?”, “All of the macaroni gone?!”, “Somebody gone have to give up they second plate!” 

  • The Plate Watcher

There’s nothing worse than having all eyes on you as you make a plate of food. The plate watcher can be anyone in the family, and they don’t play when it comes to how much food you get. 

Favorite phrases/ questions: “You on your second plate?”, “Why you need two pieces of cornbread?”, “You got two big pieces!”, “You not gone eat all of that!”, “ This your third time in the kitchen!”

  • The Critic

We all have that one relative that has to ask questions about every dish! They’re the only one in the family who looks at every detail of a dish before deciding whether or not to take some. The critics also never contribute to cooking, so they really shouldn’t be complaining.

Favorite phrases/ questions: “Who made the stuffing?”, “Why it looks like that?”, “It’s a fly around the greens!”, “This Turkey a little unseasoned.”, “Is this store-bought cranberry sauce?” “The macaroni needs more cheese!”

Although Thanksgiving is one of the biggest Holidays, we have to remain cautious and safe. Please follow all COVID-19 guidelines and enjoy this time with your families!