Martin was one of the most iconic shows in the 90’s. In fact, it created such an impact on the television industry that reruns are shown consistently like new episodes on networks like BET. People all over the world can recite their favorite lines from many episodes. From the hilarious comebacks to the plots, the characters of the show remind me of each zodiac sign.

So, which Martin character is your zodiac sign?

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a zodiac expert. I’m basing this off of conversations and what I’ve noticed about each sign.

Hear me out.

1. Aries – MAMA PAYNE

From what I’ve noticed, Aries will always tell you what they’re thinking whether you want to hear it or not. Mama Payne was always BLUNT. She made it clear that she didn’t like Gina, and she never sugarcoated that when around her.

2. Taurus – MARTIN

There’s a lot of Taurus’ in my life and they’re all smart, hardworking and can be stubborn. Martin worked non-stop at WZUP and ‘Word on the Street’ was a success. However, Martin never wanted to listen to Gina and always found himself in trouble as the result.

3. Gemini – STAN

Y’all should have seen this coming. Gemini’s are two headed, undependable and indecisive. Stan was known for being selfish. He only cared about money and even sold WZUP without letting Martin know.

4. Cancer – GINA

Cancers are VERY emotional. They are literally always whining about something every day. If this doesn’t remind you of Gina, then you need to get your life. Gina complained to Martin almost every episode.

5. Leo – TOMMY

Leos are kind of arrogant. They love to portray as being bigger than what they are.

Tommy always had to show off and loved being called “Big Daddy”, yet we still don’t know his job occupation. So until we find out, “He ain’t got no job”.

6. Virgo – SHENENE

I only know a few Virgos, but they’re always thinking of ways to expand. They also know how to get someone ‘together’ if needed. Shenene was always involved in new business ventures.

7. Sagittarius – COLE

Sagittarius’ are easy to convince and it takes the smallest thing for them to forget what they were doing. Cole could not stay focus even if his life depended on it. He also was the ‘test dummy’ for a lot of the group’s needs.

 8. Libra – Hustle Man

If anyone knows how to make some money, it’s a LIBRA. Hustle Man was selling chickens on a stick during a winter storm. If that’s not motivation, I don’t know what is.

 9. Capricorn – PAM

Capricorns are the Kings and Queens of the entire zodiac. They’re witty, successful and highly motivated. Pam always had a comeback for Martin. She also was the best dressed on the show.

10. Aquarius – BRUH MAN

Aquarius’ always find their way to some food. Every time you see them, they’re eating. We all know Bruh Man found food in Martin’s apartment even when Martin couldn’t.

11. Pisces – MISS GERRI

Pisces have smart mouths and aren’t easy to help. They always want to argue/fight. Miss Gerri always found herself in a tussle with Martin no matter where they were.

12. Scorpio – NIPSEY

I don’t know many Scorpio’s, but I know some of them are always in somebody else’s business. Nipsey always made sure to be present when Martin and the gang was around, so he could be nosey.

Are these accurate?