If you have yet to hear of Joy Crookes, it’s time to get familiar. Born and raised in the UK, the singer-songwriter offers her sweet, sultry voice to audiences all around the world, with her own version of storytelling that has resulted in hundreds of millions of streams. 


On Tuesday September 27th, Joy Crookes performed her last headlining show of the year at the legendary El Rey in Los Angeles. The 23-year-old recently unveiled her debut LP, Skin, in October 2021, hailed by critics as masterful, timeless, and stunning. The project achieved a top 5 spot in the Official UK Charts and #1 in the Official Record Store Chart. The combination of Joy’s unique storytelling and sultry vocals is almost guaranteed to stir the listener’s soul. 


During her set, it was hard to tell she wasn’t in the UK. From beginning to end, it felt like the audience knew each song word for word. Even in foreign waters, the crowd engagement was high and they hung onto every note she uttered. In between songs Joy spoke often about her nerves before the show, but had it gone unmentioned it would have been unbeknownst. She even delivered an epic Kendrick Lamar cover of “Swimming Pools.”


She performed her entire set with such skill and grace that it’s easy to forget that she’s only on her first album. Crookes has toured Skin for thousands of fans across the globe, going on to achieve two BRIT nominations, as well as a nomination for the 2022 Mercury Prize for the best album released in the United Kingdom by a British act. 


It’s safe to say that Epic Records has a star on their hands. Joy Crookes is well on her way.