Who is Michelle Malone? That’s the question rapidly being fired from many different platforms. Michelle Malone is a  business mogul, mentor, visionary , community advocate and passionate  serial entrepreneur.  After scaling her primary business into a 8-figure empire, Michelle dedicates her time to fostering the growth of other business owners.

Michelle began her journey as a Sales Manager in Merchant Services in 2003. Her attention to detail, fiery personality, and expertise in payment processing lead her to a promotion as a Company Partner. Shortly after, using her business mindset, Michelle was able to start her own Merchant Services company and call center, Chellecomm LLC Merchant Services. Years later she’s opened two additional call centers, and is working on her fourth.   

 As a multi-million dollar business mogul who turned $30,000 to $15 million, Michelle is developing her campaign & brand, “Who Is Michelle Malone?”. She aspires to build both 1-on-1 business and interpersonal relationships with those within her business ecosystem. While providing mentorship, guidance, and resources to aspiring business owners, Michelle prides herself in sharing her experiences and expertise to help others navigate challenges and seize opportunities. 

With her wide range of experience and story of resilience, Michelle has become a highly sought-after motivator, passionate about teaching other women and business owners how to start their businesses and scale them up to 7-figures.

Michelle Malone isn’t just her name, it represents her commitment to supporting and empowering fellow entrepreneurs.

Photo Credits: Courtesy of Michelle Malone