I had a conversation yesterday with one of my really good friends as we had our weekly meeting about my wedding – we’re loosely planning and it’s awesome that she’s my accountability partner! While chatting about the run of show for that day, we stumbled upon the topic of wasting time. It’s so crazy to think that in the world around us, busyness is often celebrated and others wasting our time is a non-negotiable…. But in the conversation with my friend, we realized how much time WE were deliberately losing on nonsense. For me, it was the fact that I’d been procrastinating about household projects that I was able to knock out within a day. It blew my mind but also made me extremely proud of the work that I’d done when I really just stopped acting like it was the worst thing ever or like I had zero time. (Laughs out loud – loudly)

So you figure with such a productive weekend that I would know now the key to getting my time back, sadly – not true. This morning I found myself hitting the Googles in search of podcasts to help me “get my life together,” while I thought it was just for background noise, I quickly understood why I felt it was necessary. Getting my life together, wasting less time, and being productive are an everyday struggle so the question is – how often will I just do it.

 In my Google search, I did find some great tools for success:

Podcast: Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday – An inspirational series where different public figures are highlighted and share their stories of triumph to living your best life!

Check it out here:

Daily Practices: If you have trouble concentrating, try setting your timer for 30 minutes. Focus on that task for those 30 minutes, take a brief moment to reset, and start your timer over again.

Link to timer:

 Self-Reminders: Feeling unmotivated, I remind myself often that if I let it stack up – I’m going to be even more upset that there’s more work to be done.