When black people weren’t allowed at the table we have always created our own from inventions, neighborhoods and even colleges. Historically Black College Universities or HBCU play a vital role in the advancement of the African American community, HBCUs created more doctors, lawyers, and educators than most of our counterparts. Howard being veered as the oldest and one of the most prestigious HBCU have produced some amazing people that have shaped our world today, however Texas Southern University located in the heart of Houston, TX in the historically 3rd Ward community is the second largest HBCU in the nation, has one of the best law schools, and has seen its fair share of history making moments from hosting the Democratic Debate in 2019, being in the forefront of legal battles for the education of black people, and continuing to fight for those that can’t fight for themselves. We spoke to three leading tigers about why HBCUs are important to them

Adonis Warren, 2019-2020 Mr. Texas Southern University, a Senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism transplanted from Los Angeles, CA.

Toria Nicole Porter a Senior from Ft. Worth, TX she’s an Education major.

Lastly, Khaniya Burley the 73rd elect SGA President of Texas Southern University she’s a native from Buffalo, NY transplanted by way of Dallas, TX a junior majoring in Biology had a vision of attending a HBCU and keeping their legacy alive.

Why are HBCUs important especially to this generation?

HBCU are important to this this generation because it provides a platform/opportunity for students to showcase their talents, and support system that molds students into their full potential. It’s an eye opener to the Greatness of African Americans 

Why did you choose Texas Southern University especially being from LA? 

Texas Southern University definitely chose me the story of my college decision is funny but to sum it all up, TSU was the only school willing to give me a shot I feel like they wanted to be there.

What’s one piece of advice you could say to the next group of young eager leaders?

Don’t let “No” stop you because it only means there is another opportunity.

What does it mean to be Mr. Texas Southern University? 

Being Mr. TSU is bigger than me, it’s a platform to express who I am. It has provided opportunities I wouldn’t receive on a daily basis and it’s helped me build and enhance my character as a young man turning into greatness.

Being that pageants are look at as a female extracurricular how do you view it as a guy? 

Pageants are beneficial, if it wasn’t for me being Mr. TSU I wouldn’t have ever competed in a pageant. A pageant forced me to open up and dig deep into that “Adonis” no one knows.

Why was it so important for you to get involved on campus? 

You will learn fast, sitting in your dorm all day will give a bad impression on school. If it wasn’t for my dorm RAs and staff, I wouldn’t be where I am today when it comes to college leadership/involvement.

Why is Greek life so important to HBCUs than compared to their white counterparts? 

Being a proud member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc representing, the Beta Upsilon Chapter has shown me the ins and outs of Greek life. Although I’m only on my second year in the game, I feel like it’s important because it provides us a safe space and network to prosper. It’s important to HBCU because it gives that student who knew nothing about Greek life the opportunity to witness history on a revolutionary standpoint and most importantly, it’s a family to that student who never had one.

This feature was submitted by Ryan Barker

Ryan Barker a senior majoring in Radio/Television/Film from Texas Southern University. Ryan has been in the entertainment industry for a few years he’s also a game celebrity stylist & boutique owner from Houston, TX.