The Education

Unlike a typical institution, HBCUs are usually smaller in all aspects. However, that is not a negative. Due to the smaller amount of students, class sizes permit students to have a one on one relationship with their professors. Rather than being just a number, students are able to build a more personal relationship with their teachers, which allows them to receive more attention to better understanding their courses. Also, HBCUs offer a wider range of diverse curriculum. For example, courses on Black Lives Matter are offered and taught so that students can have a better understanding and knowledge for their background and current predicaments surrounding them because of their racial background. HBCUs not only give you a superb education, they also teach young African Americans what it means to be black in America.

The Faculty and Staff

The faculty and staff at HBCUs are usually mostly African American as well, therefore, it is beneficial to the students because they understand and want to help. Faculty and staff cater to the specific needs of African American students that other institutions may overlook. This extra assistance is not crippling, it is actually empowering, extremely beneficial and excels the student to different opportunities an African Americans student wouldn’t usually get the chance to receive.

The Black Culture

The most significant and most unique part of attending an HBCU is engaging in the once in a lifetime experience. These universities and colleges are unbelievably fun and cater to the culture of black students. This is probably the only time a person will get to experience being submerged in an environment that is positive, motivational and overloaded with knowledge, with students that all look the same; black. There is a confidence an HBCU gives a black person that is undeniable and unbreakable. Now regardless of the circumstances, students come out of HBCUs proud of being black and motivated to share the pride and joy to all other African American people. HBCUs unite black people, provide for black people, instill truth in black people and most of all instill self-awareness and self-love in black people.

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