In any creative industry, there are only a handful of people that do something different and out of the ordinary. Hence, there are only a few names that make a turning point within the creative world. Let’s take a look at the visual artist Bolli Blas, who is doing just that.

Bolli Blas is a 34-year-old British visual artist born and raised for a short time in Poland. After moving to the UK, Bolli graduated with a master’s degree in accountancy and economics but found her way in life through art.

At the very beginning, her art represented visions that had been done before. She believed that as a new artist, recreating works that had already been done was the way forward.

Fortunately, her vision turned to her own thoughts and ideas. Bolli Blas wanted to create something new, utopian-inspired, and something that represented all people. The artist created her artistic trademark, which she named Bollis.

The work displays wide-eyed characters which closely reflect the windows of the soul and act as a mirror to modern society. Through her paintings, she wants to share that no matter your age, ethnicity, sex, or beliefs, we are all equal.

Bolli Blass has always been a firm believer in equality and wanted to share her vision through artistic forms. She finds that through constant learning, adapting, and expressing her views in the art world, she can create something to connect with all people, no matter your background.

Before Bolli took off, the artist backpacked throughout some of the poorest countries in Central America, Africa, and Asia. There, her eyes were opened to a new perspective, and she was learning every day about new cultures and meanings.

Hence, her artistic niche was born, and she hopes to encourage people to never stop learning and create a career that represents you and your burning passions.



Featured Image courtesy of Bolli Blas