Exceptional— someone or something that has a particular quality, usually a good quality, to an unusually high degreeDavid Hall.

If you were to look up the word exceptional in the dictionary, you would definitely see the name David Hall right besides it. Everything he does is exceptional! From the moment you walk in to his salon, the ambiance & the mellow music captures and captivates you! The professionalism is above top notch! Stellar treatment is definitely the caviar of the menu! His products that he uses on your head are top of the line. And once you are in David’s hands, you are in full luxury! Absolutely, nothing at all, is average about, what I like to call,  the David experience!!

Sheen had the opportunity to chat it up with David and he definitely did not disappoint. Listen in…..

Sheen: Please introduce yourself and tell our reading audience a little about yourself:

David: Well, hello my name is David Hall, but I’m  branded as David Ferragamo. I’m a 32 year old licensed cosmetologist with 17 years behind the chair. I began doing hair in middle school at the age of 15 as a sbampoo assistant. I then attended and graduated from the International Academy in South Daytona Beach Florida. I’ve spent countless hours and money investing in cutting techniques,  as well as attending all different type of hair classes all over the world to gain as much knowledge as possible to stay abreast in the Hair industry. I’ve been in many hair competitions and came in number one over 13 times. I am very driven, passionate, and professional! I go over and beyond for each person that sits in my chair and/or enters my salon for service. 

Sheen: David, you are such a breath of fresh air! Tell the audience how you define success. Because success looks different for everyone.

David: I define success as reaching or accomplishing a goal. I believe you don’t have to be rich or famous to be successful, but determined and persistent on working towards an achievement.

Sheen: How have you used your influence to help others in your industry?

David: I feel like I have used my influence in many ways not only behind the chair but I have influenced many stylists as well .I have a lot to offer and I know that I am able to pull people out of a place of feeling like it’s not possible. I use my influence because I show people that if you want it it can be yours but you have to want it bad enough. I defy odds.

Sheen: How do you keep going in a world that seems like all we hear is bad news? 

David: I keep going when I want to give up by remaining faithful in prayer as well as fasting. I believe that God truly is the source of my strength.

Sheen: How do you plan on finishing strong in 2022?

David: I plan to make noise the last quarter of 2022 by accomplishing a couple of my small goals as well as giving back to my community…I will be doing that by lending my time and my talents!

Sheen: What is the one thing that David knows for sure?

David: One thing that David knows for sure is that he is going to be all that he can be And that he won’t give up until he reaches the highest height

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Photo Credits: Courtesy of David Hall