I am 35 years old and I have been exposed to so many beauty products in the last couple of years. My skincare products and body lotions are always changing. I am always wanting to try new developments or the new “it” product. Sticking to just one product for a long time just doesn’t happen anymore. I have been thinking that maybe I should go back to simple days with cocoa butter, shea butter, and vaseline.

The Triple OG’s

Cocoa Butter
I have a history with Palmers. A history that cannot be replicated by any other beauty product that I’ve been exposed to. I grew up in the 90’s, a time where a lot of skincare products were not as readily available as they are now. The first encounter I had with cocoa butter oil was when my mom was looking for a solution to her stretch marks, a permanent result of her pregnancy with me. My mom would always tell me “You did this to me.” Cocoa butter was the only product that we used in our household for a long time.

The rich sweet smell of chocolate, vanilla, and undertone of roasted or caramelized notes in the scent of the cocoa butter brings back elementary and middle school nostalgia. It has a pleasant and comforting aroma. The humidity mixed with a healthy application of the oil, made me reach my peak of Grade A skin at such a young age. I thank my mom for introducing this heritage of skincare to me, one that I have enforced onto my kids.

Shea Butter
Shea butter takes me all the way back to my roots. It is an invaluable agent for internal and external body purification. It is also used as an after-shave, hair balm for dry and brittle hair, and on feet to prevent dryness and cracking. In the traditional African religion, it is a sacred food for many.
.Shea butter has been extracted from the nut of a tree in West Africa and used as cosmetic and therapeutic skin care lotion for thousands of years. Global trade of shea butter dates not only back to Cleopatra’s Egypt , but was a very popular item of trade in the Middle Ages throughout West Africa and into the coastal regions. It was also traded heavily as an oil in European markets. What is unique about shea butter is that it boosts skin moisture.

Raw shea butter ranges from a light flax to a rich honey, traversing the spectrum of gold. Raw shea butter has undeniable lavish and sumptuous qualities. When you used Raw shea butter lotions, your skin will feel as shimmery and as luxurious as gourd itself!
Both cocoa butter and shea butter help improve the overall health of your complexion. They contain natural fats that work to hydrate and enhance the texture and elasticity of your skin. However, cocoa butter has been associated with a higher likelihood of causing comedones or clogged pores, particularly in individuals with acne-prone skin.
On the other hand, shea butter stands out for its ability to moisturize effectively without the increased risk of clogging pores or causing acne breakouts. Consequently, shea butter is a better choice considering cocoa butter’s potential comedogenic nature, especially if you tend to develop clogged pores or experience acne breakouts


If you’re living in a place without a jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly in the bathroom cabinet, what are you doing? Vaseline is prized for its simplicity, effectiveness, and versatility, which makes it a popular choice for me amongst a wide range of kincare needs. It’s a thick and jelly-like substance that moisturizes dry skin and soothes minor cuts and burns.

Vaseline was something that was raved about when I was growing up. Do you remember when vaseline was used when people were about to fight?As a young, African American woman, I vividly remember Vaseline being in every cabinet in the house. It was passed down to the women that raised me and now I am passing it down to my daughter. It was always a staple for moisturizing the skin and making everything feel nice and smooth. It was and still is affordable, readily available, and most importantly works wonders. A trick that I learned to keep my feet as smooth as butter is to put vaseline on my feet every night and sleep with socks on. It doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer. If you do this consistently, I guarantee you that your feet will be as smooth as a baby.

Award-winning actress Viola Davis shared with BET in 2017 that vaseline is multi-purpose. She named relief from burns and irritated cracked skin as a couple of solutions to why she used vaseline growing up. I personally used it for everything honestly-as a lip balm and as an additional moisturizer to my lotion and hand cream. The uses for vaseline are endless and thats why I love it!

There is nothing wrong with the modern products that I am using, however I will always revert back to these old school products. Like those old school medicines that will knock your cold right out, these skincare products will always have your skin glowing and looking radiant. The dynamic trio will bring your skin back to life!


Guest Writer: Sascha Ealey