“I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him.”

– Booker T. Washington

As you grow in life and continue to blossom into all the beauty and dopeness that you were created to be, you will soon discover that the nicest soul has someone who hates and despises them. The thing is that people hate what they do not understand. Take me for example, I grew up without the silver spoon in my mouth, in and out of Foster Care and there was a time I did not have the best clothes nor the coolest hairstyles. However I have always been popular for being book smart and just cool with anyone who friended me. I was the good girl who went to church faithfully and desired to be at the top of her class and also the one who was saving herself for marriage. I was practically green as they call it to trouble because my parents who adopted me as a teenager were a Christian family. I always knew that despite how I grew up as a child, I was going to be someone great in life. So I worked hard and finished high school and later graduated college with a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. Later on in my adult life I started publishing books and working full time in my craft as a writer. I grew up in the roughest of neighborhoods so to be able to finally live a life I only read about in books was what I called a blessing. 

Yet while some celebrated with me in the journey, others despised it. They could not accept  my growth and the fact that I was no longer the little kid in the rough neighborhood they knew or the struggling single mom. 

You are always going to have some people in life who just can’t accept that you have basically bossed up and became that dope person that honestly God had planned for you to be all along. Hate is personal for the person attacking you but don’t you take it personal. People hate those  who think and look differently. By all means avoid even giving your energy to someone who hates you for no reason.

I read a quote online that said that you have no control over how someone chooses to view you in their mind. Like seriously you have to let people think whatever they want to think or assume about you because eventually as you continue on living in your dopeness, others will see who the real problem maker is.

No one wins in the war of hatred. No matter how determined and passionate a person is about trying to make you look bad or feel bad, they will never win as long as you ignore them. The best response is avoidance! Simply avoid and block out people who mean you no good.

You are even going to find those who hate you so much that they try to drag others into their pit by trying to persuade them to also see you as an enemy. Growing up you may have been taught that the best way to handle that when it happens is to jump into attack mode. 

Why? Because it’s natural to want to defend yourself and prove how wrong the person hating you is.  The best thing to do is simply ignore them. Because those types of people feel that destroying someone’s reputation first would help them gain victory in the battle and hopefully make them look better in the public eye. Yet in the end it just makes them look bad. It exposes their heart and their personal flaws. 

Never let anyone bring you out of character or make you feel bad for your personal growth. They may have seen you at your worst days and the fact that you survived what was meant to destroy you upsets them. That my dear is beyond your control. You can’t play God and try to fix everyone that comes into your life who is broken emotionally. 

If people do not like you, that’s between them and God. Let them continue on with that hate in their heart and you keep striving to be better than you were the day before. 

The same reason they hate you will be the same reason others love, honor and  celebrate you forever! Your dopeness will make room for you and put you before great Kings & Queens. 

So finally in the  words of the lovely Jill Scott…”Hate on Me Hater, now or later, cause I’m gonna do me.”