Founder of Sheen Magazine, Mrs. Kimberley M. Chapman, is ready to place someone on the thrown to fulfill the role as Publisher. In search for a person to continue to build upon the the foundation in which Sheen Magazine has set, who better to carry the torch than Mrs. Chapman’s own flesh and blood, her son, William P. Chapman III.

Being announced as the new Publisher of Sheen Magazine, William P. Chapman III, has been in preparation for this position as he’s been apart of The Chapman conglomerate implementing innovative marketing and sale strategies, which helped increase the ROI’s (return on investments) Internationally. Prior to his promotion as a Publisher, he’s known for his role as the media, television, and event production specialist, while founding Sheen Media Group.

Intertwining his experiences throughout Sheen Media Group entertainment, and training along side his mother, William P. Chapman III, is equipped to sealed his place as a successful leader and publisher of Sheen Magazine understanding the assignment, position and role he’s appointed.

“I was predestined to soar with parents who created the blueprints to an extremely profitable conglomerate from the ground up. As the son of the founder of a ground-breaking International media outlet, I understood the assignment and knew failure was not an option”

-William P. Chapman III

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