When it comes to men who are truly making a difference in the world with true purpose, Willie Moore Jr. defiantly comes to mind. Over the years, I have watched him impact the lives of many, listened to him on his inspirational radio show, and was excited to chat with him about his journey and his new book called; You Belong Here. 

As the host of a nationally syndicated radio show, how do you balance family time and your career?

Honestly, I have divorced myself from the word “BALANCE.” I now live in the “MILESTONE.” What that consist of is as a family we set our milestones, our goals, and what the most important for the year, we set the time limits on each milestone and we do what it takes. Balance is overrated. Some opportunities are only available in the lifetime of the opportunity. This year we are adding music to our motivational efforts and requires more time so we have developed a solid regimen to accommodate the season we are in. 

Tell our readers about your new  book “You Belong Here.” 

This is the greatest love story ever told. I was blessed to be adopted by two ex-sharecroppers who loved me, raised me and supported my efforts to become successful. I am now speaking to other adoptees through this book and teaching the how to adapt to new normals. Parents and adoptees have been blessed by this book and I’m looking forward to continuing this journey. 

As the President for WILFO foundation , explain your role within the foundation and how people can be involved.

As the President of the WILFLO foundation my job is to make sure that we stay on par with our mission. We provide educational content around adoption and foster care to bring awareness to the 115,000 children who are in foster care and are available for adoption. We are a voice to the voiceless. We also provide parental adoption scholarships to offset cost for potential parents. Click here!

What is the “Believe Campaign“ about?

We Believe that all the children who are without families will receive permanent homes through awareness initiative. 

What’s next for Willie Moore Jr.?

Television, film and music. I am excited to be back in the studio working on music. We have coined the next decade, years of multiplication and we look forward to seeing all of our efforts multiply. We believe that people overestimate what they can do in one year but underestimate what they can do in ten years. We will watch our efforts multiply for the next decade and we will live off the fruits for generations to come. 

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