These Instagrammable fashion trends will make you want to click “Add to Cart” ASAP!

“Doing it for the gram” has become a way of life for so many social media users today, and we can’t blame them. With the pandemic in full effect, there’s much less to look forward to. But just like in previous years, fashion has proven to be a zeitgeist revival time and time again. There may be nowhere to go, but fashionistas are ensuring the content continues and the fashion trends are on full display. These are the Instagrammable fashion trends making us double tap our screens now.

24K Magic

Gold chunky necklaces are the “It” jewelry piece. Its Omnipresence on Instagram alone has shown us that it’ll be on fashion girls across the globe. The trend is accessible at many price points and looks expensive regardless of what you paid for it. A chunky chain necklace is the ostentatious yet, sophisticated jewelry piece you need to top off any outfit this season.

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