We’ve all heard of DrinkBlack right? Supporting a black owned business is second nature to us now. But what many don’t realize is in order to drink black, we have to THINK Black! Host Shala of the infamous Drink Black about giving back through philanthropy and the first event of the season Winter Whiskey Wonderland. 

How did DrinkBlack come about?

I started DrinkBlack to bring awareness to black-owned spirits there is a huge gap in how much our community spends in the industry versus how much we own. We are no longer asking to seat at the table we are creating our and literally raising the bar


Tell me about the theme for the event and the affiliated brands.

The two brands we featured at the were absolutely amazing. Greenwood Whiskey is own by an amazing group of wonderful black men. They are opening doors for the new wave of whiskeys, they are the perfect blend of swag, intelligence and resilience. We are also featured a peach blueberry Whiskey from Qing-LITqour this company creates custom cocktails that are guaranteed to wow your guests. These young entrepreneurs bring an energy to the spirits industry that is infectious you can’t be anything but be LIT! Lastly we have cobachi  cream who created alcohol infused ice cream with flavors like Country Grammar and Minja they are the go-to dessert for the culture.


Why do you think it’s important to give back?

I am surrounded by amazing black men and my father is wonderful so it was important to me to highlight black father. Once I spoke with Rich Dillard owner of Rich and Pour Opulence Lounge he opened the door of his lounge and it has truly been the start of a wonderful partnership.


Photo Credit: GreenwoodWhiskey