The iconic sound that is Syleena Johnson NEVER disappoints. The Grammy-nominated singer is a resilient empowerment lifestyle coach who create a woman’s anthem that will, #getcholiferight.

Raised fist in the air with tribal jewelry, Dashiki’s with a Stokely Carmichael, and black leather blazer, Johnson body pays homage to our ancestors. Depicting the strength of the black woman during the Black Panthers and The Black Power movement. Back then, we were unafraid – women stood on the front line, thus fighting for the many things we all benefit from today. Women area force to be reckoned with all by ourselves, but united, we shift thoughts, reclaim our time, and realign our mindsets with purpose. Demanding respect, we are the revolution and it is being televised within Syleena’s music video for “Woman” and through everything she has designed.

Photography by Entertainment One

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