Can you believe it’s already the third month of the year! March is Women’s History Month, so I wanted to share some phenomenal women who are making game changer impacts with history in the making! Check out the exclusive interview with business woman, Monique Ingram; CEO of Go Sleek Hair Co. She will definitely leave you inspired!
Time is moving fast! Even though the year seems to be flying by, don’t let it discourage you from accomplishing all that you’ve been working towards! You’ve got this! Happy Women’s History ladies!
How did you get your start in the beauty industry and what made you interested in the hair industry?
I’ve been interested in hair since I was a kid. I can remember as early as 11 years old doing my hair, my sisters, cousins, friends, whoever would let me experiment on them lol. I literally started in my bedroom.
When you first started your company, what are some things you did to get people to choose your company? 
When I first started Go sleek I was already a successful hairstylist and booked all the time just off word of mouth. Social Media wasn’t an option as an advertisement funnel so I encouraged my clients to tell as many people about me as possible – good old word of mouth! The start of Go Sleek, in 2013, was only the beginning of me venturing into the product world and I sold my products to my hair clients. Doing this consistently over the years, and now with social media taking off, has really helped my brand grow.
You went from doing hair to running a very successful product brand. How has that transition been for you?  Amazing! This is what I’ve always dreamed of! The transition has allowed me to put systems in place to operate the backend of my business while I create! It was hard to do this as a full time hairstylist so now that I’ve transitioned to a product based business my brand has grown 10x faster than I could imagine. I’ve been able to put all my time and energy into one thing and that’s creating content around my products.
What is your favorite product from your Go Sleek collection?
ALL OF THEM! But if I had to pick one I would say the silk curler! It’s a heatless roller and allows me to create curls without using a curling iron. The fact that I can roll my hair with 1 rod and wake up ready is a win and saves me time in the morning!
As a full time entrepreneur, what are 3 tips that you can give any new entrepreneur?
  • Use social media to promote your business. That’s the best thing going! Show up everyday! Who cares if no one is paying attention today – they eventually will!
  • Be patient when it comes to growing your business but don’t stop just because it’s growing slowly.
  • Listen to business podcast, YouTube and read business books! All the information you need is out there for free!
March is Women’s History Month, and you are definitely making History while building your brand. Who has inspired you along your journey?
Thank you!!! It’s so many women out here doing their thing! Everyday I come across another brand I haven’t heard of and it’s impressive, and inspiring, to watch their journey! I’ve watched a lot of women on social media build their brands from the ground up. If I had to choose some women-owned brands that inspire me I would choose; Milano Di Rouge and Supa Cent of Crayon Case.
What’s next for you and the Go Sleek brand?
Expansion! Global! More people need to know about the greatness of Go Sleek!