A Servant of the Most High God, Meltoria Woodside is happily married to Yocasta Woodside and is a mother to three wonderful sons.

Born in The Bahamas, this seasoned entrepreneur offers online coaching services for married women to them get through the “tough patches of marriages” that she herself has overcome.

“Over 10 years ago, I was faced with infidelity in my marriage. It was one of the toughest seasons of my entire life. Although I had reason and right to leave, I decided to stay and push through. Along with infidelity, I endured verbal, emotional and physical abuse.”

“However, with the help of the Lord, I was able to fight through all of that, and conquer what many would consider a lost cause. Now, my husband is saved and delivered, and my family is now experiencing what I believe are some of the best days ever.”

“For my accomplishments with my marriage with the help of Holy Spirit, I am qualified to do what I am doing with ministry,” she testifies. Listen in on our conversation with might woman of God!

Please introduce yourself to our reading audience.

I am Meltoria Woodside, a servant of the Most High God, happily married to Yocasta Woodside Sr. and the mother of three wonderful sons. I am a Certified Marriage Coach, I hold a Bachelors Degree in Theology and an Associates Degree in Ministry.

I am ordained, certified and qualified to coach, minister and empower wives.   I have been appointed by God to nations, I have been commissioned to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, and to build and to plant according to Jeremiah 1:10. Over the course of my life, I have been involved in ministry for more than 15 years. I am a Prophet, an entrepreneur and an author. I am aggressive, bold, compassionate, and willing to go against popular opinion to stand on what I believe, speaking boldly and truthfully about what God has authorized me to speak on.

What made you want to go into business?

My family was facing a financial crisis and I could not sit around and do nothing while I have breath in my body and full activity of all my limbs. Also, I wanted to have the freedom to be able to work full time in ministry doing the work and will of the Lord.

You’re not the only one doing what you do. Why should people work with you?

I won and conquered what many would consider a lost cause. Now, my husband is saved and delivered. My family is now experiencing what I consider some of the best days of my life. Through my accomplishments with my marriage, with the help of Holy Spirit. I am not only certified but qualified to help others overcome and conquer just as I have. I am anointed and mantled to deal with tough issues in marriages.

What should people expect from you in the first quarter of 2020?

People can expect to see my new book “Healing & Deliverance, For The Broken Wife”. I will be hosting more spiritual Warfare training for wives and also I am launching a new YouTube Channel “Marriage Restoration TV.”

What motto do you live by?

If you do not Pray for your marriage and family, the enemy will prey on it!

What is your favorite quote?

My favorite quote is “When Wives Fight Families Win.”

How can people connect with you?

People can connect with me via my Facebook page and on Instagram.


Featured Image by Woodside Photography