Melessa Denee, Owner/Styling Artist, has over 30 years of experience in the cosmetology industry, serving clients across various states. With formal training in Fashion Design/Fashion Merchandising from Virginia State University, Melessa’s career began as a cosmetology apprentice in Delaware in 1988. Her dedication and hard work led her to become an award-winning licensed beautician. She eventually opened her salon – “Melessa’s Ultimate Hair Design” in Delaware in the 1990s and “Melessa’s Weave Palace” in Baltimore, MD in 2009. For years, she has helped people not only look beautiful but feel beautiful by helping a variety of people, including those experiencing hair loss.


What was the inspiration behind your brand?

Melessa: I was inspired by family, friends, and clients who were suffering from unforeseen circumstances which caused hair loss. I immediately developed a product line that would  help all people suffering with hair loss to gain their self confidence, self awareness and strong character while restoring their hair.

Do you believe in work- life balance? If so how do you maintain it?

Melessa:  I believe that work-life balance is important in developing a prosperous business.  My faith in God guides me through my day and assists me with balancing my daily responsibilities.  I love what I do so much that it doesn’t feel like work.

What’s your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs, especially in the beauty space?

Melessa: My best piece of advice is to stay hungry, humble, and to trust in God. Education is key so access a continuing education courses in your field which will always come in handy.

Who is your business role model? Why?

Melessa: My business role models are all Black women who came from humble beginnings and have made a career doing what they love. They achieved success through perseverance, hard work, dedication, and trusting in God.

What would attract listeners to your story? 

Melessa: Pain, Purpose, and Perseverance. I had 2 near death experiences within 1 year, On my way back from healing, my husband had an accident at work and was out of work for 2 years,  While my husband was recovering, my illness resurfaced which caused me to be placed on chemo and I experienced hair loss. My husband was on the way to recovery  and  shortly after my father passed away.  While grieving the loss of my father and assisting my mom through this period of time my mother became ill and was hospitalized. Less than a year later my loving husband became ill and passed away.  So I kept on persevering  in purpose while in pain. God has continued to allow me to manage my businesses, along with my husbands’ trucking company(Black Widow Trucking) successfully. 

What is your proudest business accomplishment? 

Melessa: My proudest business accomplishment was developing the POSH haircare collection. POSH stand for Purpose Ownership Stewardship Humility while inspiring all to be great.

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Photo Credits: Courtesy Melessa Denee