Dating has been a chore; no good prospects and you are unsure if your time is ever going to come. However, when a gentleman approaches you he is handsome, funny, charismatic, and asks you out on a date. But, there’s one problem he works in your workplace so do you oblige or do you run? Dating co workers can be a gift and or a curse.  You never want to crap where you lay but in some cases depending on what each party wants it could possibly work. Also, a big part in dating co workers is having privacy, and how to keep it between you and your co worker.

You want to be very selective with who knows what is going on because you then take a chance on both of your jobs.  But, hey if you’re going to cozy up with a coworker just follow these few rules to get you through.

  1. Sleep on it– Be friend the guy before crossing the line to ensure you’re not only crossing the line for someone that is worth it, but his integrity is intact.
  2. Get real about the aftermath– Ask yourself if doesn’t work are you still prepared to still see and interact with this person if not avoid the office romance.
  3. Inform your superiors– Before it gets out and starts spreading like wildfire inform them yourself.
  4. During work hours keep it office oriented– Keep conversations work related, and what happens between the two of you should stay that way.
  5. Keep Coworkers out of your relationship – Your coworkers should not have any part of any arguments/ disagreements and take sides and you shouldn’t ask them to.
  6. Don’t make your co workers your type– Don’t be the one who only dates people from your office things can get awkward and you don’t want to be the one known to only date people around the office.
  7. Keep spreadsheets out of bed sheets– Absolutely no pillow talk leave work at work between the hours of 9 am -5 pm just focus on you two off the clock.

When it comes to dating a coworker, there’s one general rule: Don’t do it. But sometimes, that’s way easier said than done — especially if your job requires you to spend long hours and tight cubicles with the same person. Tempting as it may be, it can also turn out to be super awkward and traumatic but might be your prince charming so make sure work bae is worth it and enjoy!

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