“I’m inspired to share my gift with the world, but to also through music elevate those around me,” says Sherlee Skai. Her music is indeed special and exudes a clear, refreshing energy and sound. Like many great artists, she started singing at an early age in a church choir where she developed her soulful voice. A native of Haiti, Skai spent her teenage years listening to great local artists such as Manno Charlemagne and Yole Derose, as well as American pioneers like Tracy Chapman and Lauryn Hill, just to name a few. The impact of these varied influences resulted in a jazzy, folkloric, soulful sound, which is genuine “world music.”

Sherlee was introduced to the general public through her participation in her country’s most popular television programs, and singing competitions. In 2006, she takes part in all the major cultural events of Port-au-Prince such as Maryaj Lenglensou, the first Haitian classical opera, The Haitian version of the famous musical Starmania, with the theater troupe “Haiti en Scène,” and the 2006 edition of Musique en Folie.

Currently, Sherlee is living and thriving in the United States, bringing her French Caribbean flavor to large audiences with a new single entitled “Map Viv.  Listen today at

Photo Courtesy of: Sherlee Skai